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Strange Algae


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Ok So, i am noticing alot of algae growth on the sand and rocks, alot of the rock is turning dark green, and on the sand there is brownish colored algae. i noticed alot of the brown on the sand to i got something to rough up the sand but when i did a big bubble came up. and the stuff is just covering the top and you can like move it off the sand like a film. is this from lackof enough light, current, etc? im confused, i pushed all the film into a pile the other day and removed it but it continues to grow like that, any advice is awsome, thanks


and untill today i only had 40 watts light(it is a ten gallon), but today arrived the 24 inch 1x 65 watt actinic and 1x 65 watt 10k,


i only have an AC500 with carbon, and the powerhead went out for somereason, could lack of current be the problem????

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How long has the tank been set up?


Having diatom (brown algae) is normal with new tank (new tank syndrome), nothing you can do to speed it up, just be patient and it will go away. The bubble is just the oxygen produced by the algae.

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