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How long do MH bulbs last


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I'm thinking of upgrading my 29 from 2x55 PC's to a 14K 175 watt MH in the fall. I've seen postings where people say the MH bulbs last 2 years and other postings which say to replace them every 9 months. What is the correct answer?

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depends how long you run them for...i run my MH for only 6 hours with an hour before and and an hour after running only actinics...


i think mine should last over a year

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Just about all lighting should be replaced yearly at the most (PC, MH, VHO, T5, etc). That being said, when I ran MH I changed bulbs about every 10 months as I started to notice the color shift. But mine ran 10-11 hours a day. Your eye might not notice it right away, but the color starts to shift in all bulbs as they get older.

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If I may make a suggestion, you may want to consider going with a 250 watter as oppposed to 175. I have the same set up as you and I upgraded from 2x55's and went with a single 250, which honestly wasn't as bright as I thought it would be. also, I do not have any supplemental lighting in the hood, so if you are running additional lighting, 175 may be fine.


Just me 2 cents.



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