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Hvani's Nuvo 8-Clownfish Adventures!


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Welcome to my Nuvo 8 adventure!


This has been such a fun little tank.




IM Nuvo 8 in white

Lighting: Micmol Aqua Mini

Cobalt Healther

inTank medio basket



Clean glass daily

3 gallon water change once a week

Filter floss changed every 3 days







Pair of Domino/Extreme misbar black clowns bred by Alpha Aquaculture




Various snails

Scarlet Hermit Crab

Porcelain crab

Female Harlequin Shrimp





Various Mushrooms


Blue scroll

Red grape cauerpa

Dragon's Breath

Blue Ochtodes


Some type of Caulerpa that grows in my sump on the big tank


Thanks to got2envy and keydiver for the AMAZING macros!!!!






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It's really quiet. I was surprised. My very first tank was a bc14 and that thing made a lot of noise. I don't sleep in this room so can't say if it's silent. My computer is louder.

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I am so in love with this tank. It's so easy :)


I can't wait to have fish.


Things are plugging along. I moved a green mushroom to this tank from my main tank. It had been stung by my bubble tip anemone so it can use a little healing time. Plus it adds a bit of color.


The rock I used came from my sump and is COVERED in life. I have a lot of cool feather dusters, pods and worms. I also have a few aiptasia but I'm taking care of those. I have no idea how long a cycle will take with this tank since I used mature rock. So far my corals, feather dusters and hermit crabs are showing no signs of stress. First water change is today :)

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Just ordered some new stuff for the tank.


I ordered a new intank media basket plus media and I ordered a new light.


I've been eyeing the micmol aqua mini for a while and finally have a take to try one out with. I think it will be just perfect for this little tank.

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I picked up some stuff to make a screen top. I also added a few things. Hopefully I will get some pictures tonight after work.


I was going to wait until I had the new light but it's not going to be here until Monday :(

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Not much going on though




In this one you can see the little aiptasias popping up. I already tried to kill them once. :K



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softies and inverts? all those barnacles make me want to see a pom pom crab and some shrimps going in and out =P




I originally had a column tank and I was going to do the barnacles with NPS. But that's didn't work out. I imagine some small inverts will be in this tank. I want to get a candy cane pistol but no goby to go with it.


I love pom pom crabs as well :)


If the clowns were not going here it would be full of barnacle blennies. Maybe once the clowns get too big.


So much potential.

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So the clowns got moved sooner than I had thought. But they are doing great! No spike in parameters.


Here are a few new pictures




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This tank has been doing so awesome!


It's becoming a macro tank with a few mushrooms. I might pick up a sun coral if I can find one.


New pictures!
















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I found a sun coral at a LFS in Milwaukee yesterday. It needs a little TLC but is in fairly good shape considering its most likely been a while since it was fed.

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I have a rock flower anemone that's on it's last leg I moved to this tank from my 65 gallon. I was pretty sure it was a goner but this morning it had attached it's foot and is looking a little better. Fingers crossed.

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Wow, Ashley!!!! It's turning out amazing!!! Reminds me a lot of Trueisb's tank. LOVE it!!!!!


Wow! That tank is awesome. I enjoyed looking through the thread.


I was inspired by Simons's tank quite a bit, back when she had the nuvo 8 up.

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What a cute tank!! Any updates? How's the sun coral?

Thanks! I adore this little tank. It actually makes me want to downsize my 65, but that is another story.


As for updates, I have been battling cyano in this tank and I'm finally getting the upper hand. Turns out clowns and NPS in an 8 gallon can cause problems lol. I've been doing 50% water changes weekly and I just beefed up my CUC.


Anyway I started feeding the sun coral in a separate container and it's coming back. It has started opening up in the evening when the blue light come on.


I will try and get some pictures soon. The tiny bubble tip lives in this tank right now and is doing awesome!

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