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Couple new pictures from my Nuvo 16


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Zoanthids and mini/maxi carpet anemone:


Anybody know what kind of algae is poking up around the middle frag? I thought it was bryopsis, but it's not fern-like. It is more like a bottle brush.


Green acro with purple tips:


Sorry about the sideways picture. The color balance made this one look blue, but it's really green. I'm also trying to figure out what the post-cycle fuzzy brownish algae is on the rock. You can see it around the frag plug.


Edit: anyone know which type of acro that is? They just called it "Verde Acro" at ThatFishPlace.

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Might be bryopsis. I had it and killed it off with Tech M. Google "Tech M treatment for Bryopsis" Dose directly on the bryopsis. Never saw it again (: Frags look good by the way!

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