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I've submitted 2 custom order request and and a message on your contact form and have not heard back yet, not sure if the messages aren't going through. I wanted to inquire about a custom CUC, can you send me a message so we can get this squared away?

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I filled one if those out, once.


I thought it was just a little computer algorithm. Like Steven King's book program, enter monster, male or female lead character, special ability of protagonist, number of chapters,, trick ending...hit enter and the program spits out the novel in an hour or so.


He does each one of those manually. I was just putzing around one night filled it out, I felt kinda sorry for wasting his time, when I realized it was him putting them together manually.


Im sure he gets a LOT of those time wasters, that eat up his time. I would cut him some slack, he'll get to it Im sure.


Your best bet, is to take your tank size, look up the animal sets for the size on his little chart thingy, hermits no hermits, etc.Add to that the other animals and algae you want and just order it.

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Can you shoot me your email address? I should have answered all emails before 6am today, it may be in a spam box. I feel like we may be having email issues again and I would like to look into it. This last year we had a problem with a different email server and it caused a bit of havoc.

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Placed the order on Fri, order got shipped yesterday, package arrived today at 11:50am. Everyone looks happy. And yeah, John is a maniac, Im convinced he just glances at the order and scoops in handfuls of what your ordered. Definitely got more than I ordered.

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