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RO/DI reservoir with float getting algae?


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hey guys i added a on off float to a garbage can at the end of my ro/di unit to make life easy and a constant suply of water. but today after a month of running i noticed on my float algae growing over it is this common for a holding tank for ro or should i be doing something diffrent?

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Get a brute with lid.


Or better, a FDA rated potable water holding tank like Norwesco with a lid.


If youre growing algae (much worse than a bacteria slime coat) you have nutrients in your water. All three, nitrate, phosphate, and potassium.

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ill snap a picture for better reffrence, it could be a slime idk im thinking maybe just filling up as i need it and just leave it empty..

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You are better off making water in bigger batches.


When your RODI first starts up, the RO water is not so pure (TDS creep). After producing a little water, the TDS drops as the impurities are carried away from the product side of the membrane. Using a float valve like this makes the system produce lots of little batches of higher TDS water. This will hugely reduce the life of your DI. If your RODI TDS is three, it is already due for replacement.

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And keep it tightly sealed so contaminants do not enter the water. What is the temperature in that room? RO membranes do not like anything over 113 degrees nor does DI.

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