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do I need to reseal this used 55g Aqueon tank?


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I will try to get some pictures up later, but I can describe the condition:


There are no cracks or scratches, and no visible bubbles in the clear silicone.


The only thing I noticed is that some of the silicone is no longer there, but this is outside of the seam. For example if originally at the meeting of two panes, there was 1/4" of silicone flattened out on each pane, there is now very little (the meeting of the panes is perfectly seamed though).


Not sure if I described it well enough.


If it holds water without leaking for several days can I assume it's okay?

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Is the silicon missing from the joint between the 2 surfaces?


There doesn't really need to be any externally, but you typically want a full seal on the surfaces of glass that are touching.

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