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thoughts on my setup please

reefer joe

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Current setup

Fluval 6 gallon edge

18 lbs of live rock

7 lbs argonite sand

20 watts of led (par38 on the way)

Hydor 240 powerhead

Ac 20 filter with carbon and bio max


So im looking to upgrade the filtration on it as well as increase parameter stability by water volume while making water changes easier. What I have on hand is a 10 gallon tank, surface skimmer, protein skimmer, penguin 100, toms rapid 80gph canister filter, air pump, heater, lighting yatta yatte. Thinking an overflow style sump or like a tank with no real livestock for the skimmer and what not, but really nervous on flooding something. Any thoughts or input would be great.

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Did I read that right? 18lbs of live rock in a 6 gallon tank? Picture....

I thought the same thing, from the sound of it, after rock and sand you probably have about 2.5g of water after displacement. Filled to the brim.

Got pics

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Ill get some pics tomorrow. I bought coral skeletans that were "live" for rather cheap so I bought with the intent of a sump. A few bristle worms, tiny white inverts that crawl around at night came on the rock.

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