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finally set up my nuvo 16


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i finally got a chance to set up my new nuvo 16 gallon tank.



Nuvo 16 gallon

current USA orbit marine LED lighting

eheim 600 x 2 pumps

vortech MP10

cobalt aquactics neo-thermal 100 watt

18 lbs dry reef rock

19 lbs live sand


i will upload pictures when i figure out how. the ones are have are too big to use as attachments.


i have put in the Dr. Tim's bacteria. when should i add the Dr. Tim's ammonia?

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Uhm for doctor tims I think you just need to add a fewd drops wait a bit and test ammonia for like 2ppm for a few days and then keep doing it with same dose till it reads zero

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Nice start! Im definatly upgrading to a Nuvo 16 soon and am doing some preplanning. Im looking into getting the same light. How is it on the 16? Does. It seem plenty bright for at least LPS

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The new scape looks good. Is that branch rock in the front really close to the glass? You may want to move it back some if so so you can clean the glass. You are off to a great start.

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i really like the current USA lighting. i would think that it is plenty bright enough but i haven't actually measured any values. as for the branched rock, i made sure it was far enough to be able to clean the glass. i have recently done a 40% water change and my values were ammonia 0, nitrite 0 and nitrate 10. i put six snails in over the weekend. will maybe add some livestock next week if water values stay stable.

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Howdy neighbor.


I don't think the Orbit is going to be bright enough for everything but it's a start.


Keep an eye on that rock with Algae. This is from WoP, right? That tank has a lot of caulerpa in it and that algae can be a real pain to deal with. I might plan to remove the rock once the rest of the tank is seeded.


Take a look at my old thread for my 40 gallon (now torn down).




Click on the spoiler button to see my 40 when it was first setup. So long ago! Those rocks were from WoP as well. Hopefully your experience here goes smoother than mine. I made so many silly mistakes.

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thanks for the input. right now, that is where my snails and hermits like to hangout. it seems like the macroalgae that was on it has mostly fallen off. will hopefully be adding 2 clownfish this wednesday.

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i had my first fish death. i got a diamond sleeper goby yesterday and he committed hari kari last night by jumping out of the tank. the funny thing was, i have a lid on my tank, the mesh screen from IM, and he fit out through a small gap at the front of the tank. not only are the goby's known jumpers but mine was also a houdini.

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Well after discovering a leak in my 16 nuvo, I was able to get my 20 gallon fusion up and running. Here are a few pics. Hopefully this one fares better than the 16 gallon nuvo.





my clowns. one a davinci and the other is maine mocha



the whole tank



Man, the 16G Nuvo leaks are an ongoing story! 20G IM Fusion 20G > 16G IM Nuvo.

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