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Brian's Nuvo16


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This is my first post (moderators feel free to move if I have this in wrong location, thanks). After 30 years of freshwater tanks I decided to sell my monster big fresh tank and start a little saltwater tank. Loved the look of the Nuvo16 and lurked here enjoying what others have done with this setup. Tank is now 3 months old. I build sportscars for a living and keeping things STOCK is very much against my religion but the tank made it to 3 months totally stock...so now it is time to start playing!


First Mod...NEW TOP! I don't like the look of the glass top, don't like the salt desposits, and it makes it tough to keep temp from rising higher than I want.... so I started with cutting a piece of black eggcrate, love the look of the result and the tank runs cooler.




Second Mod...MORE FLOW. Read what many here did with pump upgrades and decided to try just that. Installed Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5. That moves us from stock 210 gph up to 358 gph. Together with the IM spinner outlets the flow is great now, and nicely randomized.




Third Mod...MORE LIGHT. The stock lights were just okay, and adding the eggcrate seriously cut the effectiveness of the stock lights. Found a used Edge 36w light bar for half the price of new, added it at the back and moved the stock 28 watts of light slightly forward. Tank now nicely and more evenly lit.



Livestock began with two clowns and various small coral frags. Had an Aptasia issue, I guess it came with the live rock, and eventually it started appearing everywhere....so I ordered up some Pepermint Shrimp. I had read here about various levels of success with this method, my three shrimp arrived HUNGRY and ate the dozen Aptasia in the tank in about two hours....so color me much impressed.


My centerpiece of livestock below.




You might notice the tank has just a few inches of access on the top, that means I can't use the included IM baskets, I use filter bags instead (stuffed on one side with some poly fill and carbon, and the other side with the numerous sponges that came with the tank).


Finally, the location of this tank is rather fun....when you do your morning business in the guest bathroom, you are eye level with the fish! And the bathroom is finished off with some amazing underwater shots by a photographer buddy of ours. It's fun entertaining with it in there, Guests have a few glasses of wine and ask where the bathroom is....and come out raving that it's the coolest bathroom ever.




Now my question. Mod fever grips me.....is it totally crazy to add a Sump/refugium in the cabinet under this AIO tank? I know it might be considered to defeat the purpose of the ALL IN ONE design, but from the location my access to the back of the tank is very poor as you can see, I can't make full use of what is back there. Even adding water is a challenge with drywall just inches above the tank (though draining water by siphon is REALLY EASY with the toilet right there. ;) ). I was thinking of using an old 10 gallon tank to make a sump and refugium. I might even be able to use the stock pump that came with the tank if it can push high enough. I have lots of spare bits of plastic and acrylic so it would really only cost my time to make. I was thinking of making a section for more living rock in it, and a section for Chaeto. I would relocate the heater to it, and I expect it would help control temp swings in the warmest days of summer, and it would be a good location for fans/chiller as needed. It would make adding water MUCH easier, add much more volume to the system to help stabilize temps and conditions, etc. So, crazy idea? All input welcome.


Thanks, Brian

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Uhm I guess it's not crazy but plumbing it safely so it doesn't overflow or syphon during a power outage and also having it restart during power recovery is where its tricky.

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