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The AIO equipment Thread... A work in progress


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I would like to start with describing what this is. This is a just a concept from my imagination and is basically like all the other index threads but with sever subcategories. Basically I'll break it down by manufacturer and then by equipment. This is most likely going to take forever to do but I'll just work on it bit by bit and try and keep it updated. If you see your tank here and want more info added let me know. I know I'll miss some stuff because of upgrades etc so just let me know as well, it takes a long time to do this and I do miss things so I apologize in advance.






sgtbhaji http://www.nano-reef...eef-adventures/

Info pending


Zombiezero http://www.nano-reef...iezeros-nuvo-4/

Info pending

Sangheili http://www.nano-reef...-marine-nuvo-4/

IM Nuvo 8 gallon Pump (upgrade from stock)

Marina 10w Heater

Stock 4w LED Light

Tunze 3152 nano osmolator

Carib-sea Live Sand

Couple pounds of live rock and dry rock

Chemi-Pure Elite and Purigen




iSpeakWhale http://www.nano-reef...uvo-8g/?hl=nuvo

Stock equipment + eheim heater

Filter floss and chemi pure


diverseyboats http://www.nano-reef...ackage/?hl=nuvo

Info pending


bradlondon http://www.nano-reef...nuvo-8/?hl=nuvo

Stock lighting / Pump

50 Watt Eheim / Jager

CaribSea Live Sand

11lbs live rock

Various extras.. Test kits, Mag float etc etc.


cyclonewxchick http://www.nano-reef...m-nuvo/?hl=nuvo

Intank fuge and media basket

2 stock lights



jcardona http://www.nano-reef...-setup/?hl=nuvo

IM Nuvo 8 - stock pump, light, etc.

10# Caribbean LR

10# Fiji Pink LS


bobyboy http://www.nano-reef...ourney/?hl=nuvo

Nuvo Spinstream

Maxijet 900

Theo 50w heater

inTank Media Basket

inTank fuge

15lb bag of figi pink LS


moosebranch http://www.nano-reef...im-nuvo-nano-8/

Maxi 900

Intank Media Basket

BoostLED PAR30 2rb1b1cw1nw with Clamp mount

50 watt Jager heater

Ecotech MP10ES

Dual float ATO


moores38 http://www.nano-reef...thread/?hl=nuvo

Innovative Marine Nuvo 8 (Black/14000k lighting)

8lbs dry sand

8-10lbs of BRS Reef Saver dry rock

Fluval E-Series 50W heater


spevjeff http://www.nano-reef...nuvo-8/?hl=nuvo

Mostly stock

Cobalt MJ return

Intank baskets


watercrawl http://www.nano-reef...m-nuvo/?hl=nuvo

Tank: Innovative Marine 8 gallon

Lighting: Stock 8w 10,000k LED lighting with separate plug for night light

Circulation: Stock Pump pushing approximately 100 GPH

Heater: 25 watt heater included with tank deal...unknown maker

Biological: 7 pounds of live sand & 10 pounds of base rock....currently cycling

Timer: Cheap mechanical timer for day lights


Obsessed Reefer http://www.nano-reef...ere-i-go-again/

Innovative Marine 8W Skkye Light

Maxi-Jet 400

Koralia Nano 240

Hydor 50w Heater

JBJ 12g Stand

InTank Media Basket


Adam_T http://www.nano-reef...-marine-nuvo-8/

inTank Media Basket w/ Purigen, Chemipure Elite & Filter Floss

Hydor Pico Evolution Mini 600

Nano Box Reef - Mini Tide (full spectrum, 11 LED's)

50w Hydor


Pals_id http://www.nano-reef...k-in-the-hobby/

Info pending


Polarcollision http://www.nano-reef...316682-nuvo-8g/

Aqua Illuminations Nano Sol w/ controller

Eheim Jager 50w

Reefkeeper lite

BRS two part doser

Cobalt MJ900

InTank media basket with Fluval Carbon, Purigen, GFO, and filter floss


zenreefer http://www.nano-reef...eefers-nuvo-8g/

Info pending


Jeramy http://www.nano-reef...39906-im-zoa-8/

Stock pump

Cutom media basket




ReefStar Par56 21watt

6 pound Fiji LR

5 pounds Fiji sand


cchsoracle http://www.nano-reef...d/#entry4617201

Innovative Marine Nuvo 8 - Black

NanoBox Mini Tide w/ Storm Controller

NeoTherm 75 Watt Heater

MJ900 w/ spin stream

InTank Media Basket with Filter Floss and SeaChem Matrix Carbon

Avast marine ato


mirya http://www.nano-reef...-garden-nuvo-8/

InTank media basket with filter floss, Chemi-Pure Elite, Purigen

InTank fuge basket with Chaeto, lit by NanoGlow Fuge Light

NeoTherm 50W

Tunze 1073.008

Autoaqua Smart ATO

Maxspect 60W Nano Razor with 120 degree reflector

Apex Jr.


ZeroEvox http://www.nano-reef...threadnew-pics/

Cobalt Mj900


InTank Media basket

AI Nano

Jaeger 50w Heater


drfu http://www.nano-reef...uild/?p=4632008

Aqua Gadget Spin Stream


IM custom media basket

Hydor Koralia Nano 240





Slaychild http://www.nano-reef...6-nuvo/?hl=nuvo

ReefKeeper LIte

IM SkimMate Nano Protein Skimmer

MiniMax All-In-One Media Reactor

EcoTech Marine Mp10

ViaAqua Titanium Aquarium 100w

unze Nano Osmolator 3152

SpectraPure® Maxpure 40 GPD RO/DI

Kessil A150W Ocean Blue along with stock IM lights

MaxiJet 1200


Nepenthe http://www.nano-reef...marine-nuvo-16/

stock and a Kessil A150 in 10000K 'Sky Blue'

70 watt Ehiem Jager

EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10

Filter Floss

15+ lbs of live rock

Carib Sea Special Grade


Nepenthe #2 http://www.nano-reef...vo16/?p=4272314

70 watt Ehiem Jager

EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10 Tunze Turbelle

Carbon, filter floss and Chemi Pure with inTank Media Baskets, Cheato in inTank fuge

13+ lbs of Tonga branch live rock

Carib Sea Special Grade

AquaC Nano Remora

JBJ Fuge Light, Tunze ATO


jcg66 http://www.nano-reef...uvo-16/?hl=nuvo

Info pending


rathje70 http://www.nano-reef...d-now-with-bsj/

AI Nano

Vortech MP10

innovative Marine sip streams

Jbj ato


r3m@rk@bl3 http://www.nano-reef...vo-16g/?hl=nuvo

tunze ato

kessil a350W

Apex jr




jaxtron http://www.nano-reef...m-nuvo/?hl=nuvo

Info pending


grandegixxer http://www.nano-reef...ers-im-nuvo-16/

Info pending


tswift http://www.nano-reef...vo-16-aio-reef/

2 Clamp8 Watt Skkye LED lights

1W/211GPH 110V/60Hz pump

2 Innovative Spin Stream Return Nozzles

Eheim Jager TruTemp Heater 75 watts


dr.acula http://www.nano-reef...16-gallon-nuvo/

Info pending


rkum19 http://www.nano-reef...d-reef/?hl=nuvo

2x Kessil A150W 15K LED

Aqueon Pro 100 Watt Submersible heater


jackle http://www.nano-reef...uvo-16/?hl=nuvo



boomsnapp http://www.nano-reef...uvo-16/?hl=nuvo

3 stock lights


indonano http://www.nano-reef...16gggg/?hl=nuvo

Info pending


sfg http://www.nano-reef...uvo-16/?hl=nuvo

IM "Desktop" skimmate skimmer

IM SpinStream returns

InTank Media and Fuge baskets

JBJ Nano Glo Fuge light

CA Titanium 100W Heater

DA Reefkeeper Lite with PH Probe

Ecotech MP10 ES

MJ 900 Return pump

Kessil A150 10K

TrueLumens 24" Pacific Blue LED strip



mikecsu http://www.nano-reef...ve-marine-nuvo/

Hagen Fluval E-Series Electronic heater

Apex jr

Hydor nano circ pump

Spin stream



redkneecoral http://www.nano-reef...-build/?hl=nuvo

3 stock lights


justice http://www.nano-reef...uipment-4-1-13/

ReefBreeders 120w full spectrum

Gnome glass skimmer

EcoTech MP10

Eheim Compact 1000

2x IM Spin Stream

DIY acrylic/mesh net top

In Tank Media Baskets

Cobalt Aquatics Neo Therm 75w

Tunze Nano ATO

Custom made acrylic ATO reservoir

IM Aqua Gadget All in one media reactor


gqjeff http://www.nano-reef...6/#entry4280102

Evo 120w led

Reefkeeper 2

IM desktop skimmer

Media rx for zeolite

100w heater


StevieT http://www.nano-reef...-16-experience/

Ecotech Marine MP10wES

Reefkeeper Lite

Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152 - ATO

UPS battery backup

Cobalt NeoTherm 75w heater


NanoGuy13 http://www.nano-reef...-im-working-on/

Gen1 radion with upgraded TIR lens

MP10W (connected to my radion)

Chemi-pure elite, Purigen, Stock media baskets.

Innovative Marine Mini Max running BRS GFO.


pwfletcher http://www.nano-reef...h-mp10-day-007/

Apex Jr. Controller w/ WXM

Aqua Illumination Vega Color LED

Ecotech VorTech MP10WES Pump

InTank MediaBaskets and Fuge Basket bundle

Cobalt Aquatics NeoTherm 75w Heater


neverrain http://www.nano-reef...ournal-nuvo-16/

SpinStreams x2

Koralia 425gph Powerhead

3 stock lights

Hagen Fluval 50 Watt E-Series


Stormie http://www.nano-reef...o/#entry4300941

Reefbreeders 16 photon

Reef Octopus NS80 Nano-Skimmer



floydie83 http://www.nano-reef...6/#entry4309044

Maxspect Razor 120w 16000k

AquaC Remora Nano Skimmer

Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10w


Tunze ATO


x3thelast http://www.nano-reef...malist-nuvo-16/

IM Mini Max reactor x2 (carbon & zeolites)

MP10wes for flow (with backup battery)

Ecoxotic Panorama pro x2

Ecoxotic Stunner strips x2

Mame Designs Skimmer


Vertex Libra Doser

Vertex Libra Vessel

Apex controller


rdck99 http://www.nano-reef...k/#entry4328859


Tunze osmolator

Intank baskets



amored http://www.nano-reef...stination-tank/


Maxspect razor


azuly http://www.nano-reef...roreef-nuvo-16/

Ai vega

Info pending


Boneshaker http://www.nano-reef...387-im-nuvo-16/

COBALT Aquatics 75W Neo-Therm Heater

IM 211 GPH Return Pump - Stock

Mini-Jet 606 153 GPH Return Pump

(2) Hydor Flo Rotating Water Deflectors

(1) Hydor Koralia Circulation & Wave Pump 240 GPH

Eheim marine power led



Maxspect razor 120

211 gph return

Intank baskets


B&Y http://www.nano-reef...-16g-nano-reef/


Hydrofill ATO

Hydor theo 100w


treedog5 http://www.nano-reef...n/#entry4600583

1 Jebao WP-10

18" Evo 36 watt Led Light

Stock return pump

100 watt heater


O-man21 http://www.nano-reef...-16-experiment/

MaxSpect R420R 20.5" 16K LED fixture

Underwater Refugium Light from inTank

InTank Media Baskets x2

InTank Refugium Basket

Innovative Marine Auqa Gadget Desktop Protein Skimmer

Tunze Osmolator Nano

Cobalt Neo-Therm 75w heater

Aquatic Life RO Buddle 3 Stage RO System with DI cartridge

Jebao WP-10

Innovative Marine Spin Stream x2

Chemi-Pure Elite



throbbinjack http://www.nano-reef...my-first-build/

IM Desktop skimmer

AI Hydra Fiftytwo LED Lights

Custom Stand, Custom Light Fixture for AI Hydra Fiftytwo

2 x Intank Media baskets

20 lb Live Fiji rock

Apex Neptune Controller with Lab Grade PH probe

Apex Wireless Module for AI

Cobalt Aquatics 100w heater

Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155

Vertex Puratek 100 GPD RO/DI


tlombardo http://www.nano-reef...ince-updatefts/

Cobalt MJ 900

75w Ehaim Jager Heater

Reefbreeders value fixture

Koralia nano 425

JBJ ATO Controller

Reef Keeper Lite with 2 PC4s, temp probe, and ph probe

Eheim automatic feeder

Intank media baskets


fuge light from intank


CrazyCarl http://www.nano-reef...azycarls-im-16/

Cobalt MJ1200

Maxspect Razor R420R 120W 16K


Hydor Koralia Nano 240

IM Minimax Reactor


2 BRS Dosers

Apex lite

Aquamaxx HOB-1 Skimmer


Steensj http://www.nano-reef...ral-e-goodness/

NanoBox Duo


Cobalt MJ900

Viva Aqua Titanium heater

Innovative Marine Ghost(desktop)

Reefkeeper Lite(SL1,PC4, Ph/Temp Probes,2 float switches)





Jay Wee http://www.nano-reef...ays-im-nuvo-24/

Maxspect razor


Im desktop skimmer


defender.TX http://www.nano-reef...y-build-thread/

IM dual strip Skye light

Neotherm 100

Hydor koralia 425

Tunze nano ATO

Brs screen top


Eckozulu http://www.nano-reef...-nuvo-24-build/

AI Vega Color, Controller, EXT mount and rails

(2) Eheim 1000 compact pumps

(2) IM Spin Stream Nozzles

Tunze 9002 nano skimmer, (upgraded StevieT cup)

IM Minimax reactor 350ml

IM Minimax reactor 150ml

Ecotech Vortech MP10w ES, and battery back-up

1/10hp JBJ Artica Chiller

100w Cobalt Neotherm Heater

150w Jager heater

Tunze 3155 Osmolator

Reek Keeper Lite w/ SL1 module. temp and PH probe


Ticklem http://www.nano-reef...n/#entry4362026

2 Radion Pro leds

1 Neptune Apex Lite

1 Ebo Jager 75 watt heater

2 Mini Max reactors ( GFO & Carbon )

1 Innovative Marine Skimmer


Middreef http://www.nano-reef...25#entry4398325

AI vega


Info pending


Sangheili http://www.nano-reef...marine-nuvo-24/

Im Marine media baskets with Chemi-Pure Elite and Purigen

50w Heater

Tunze Nano ATO

Tunze 9002 Skimmer w/ InTank Slim Cup

Hydor Koralia Nano 425

OceanRevive (ReefBreeders) 120w Dimmable LED Light


Apex Jr w/ Leak Detector Module



Egginis http://www.nano-reef...gginis-nuvo-24/

Vortech MP10 ES

Nano Zapp 3 Watt inline uv sterilizer with quite flow pump rated 84-159 GPH

Arctica JBJ 1/15 Titanium Chiller

IM desktop protein skimmer

IM 150L Minimax reactor

IM 350L Minimax reactor

IM HydroFill ATO Controller System

IM HydroFill ATO Pump System

5 gallon acrylic RO/DI water reservoir

2 digital thermometers

Cobalt Aquatics Neo-therm 100 watt heater

black 8 watt IM Skkye Lights

1 36 inch Finnex Fuge Ray 2 Actinic Blue 29 watt light

1 36 inch Finnex Fuge Ray 2 Red spectrum 29 watt light


Hammerheadv13 http://www.nano-reef...marine-nuvo-24/

Maxspect razor

IM Spinstream (x2)

Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152

InTank Media/Fuge Baskets

JBJ Nano-Glo fuge light

Vortech MP10

Tunze 9002 w/InTank Cup

Cobalt Aquatics MJ900 Pumps x2

Cobalt Aquatics 100w Neo-Therm


charlie truong http://www.nano-reef...4/#entry4462743

Tunze 9002 Nano Skimmer w/InTank Cup

Vortech MP10 Powerhead w/Pico MP10 Shield

Hamilton Cayman Sun HQI MH w/Phoenix 14k bulb

JBJ Nano-Glo LED Refugium Light

Tunze Osmolator 3152

InTank Custom Media & Fuge Basket

Shoreline Marine LED Moonlight


TEAMIM24 http://www.nano-reef...marine-nuvo-24/

Maxspect Razor 27" 16K Version

IM Spinstream (x2)

Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152

InTank Media (2)/Fuge Basket

IM 350L Minimax reactor

Tunze 9002 w/InTank Cup

Sicce Voyager Nano

IM Magna Fuge LED

Cobalt Aquatics Neo-therm 100 watt heater


gsgentry http://www.nano-reef...-nuvo-24-build/

NanoBox Custom 24" Duo

EcoTech VorTech MP10ES

Aquatic Fundamentals 30/38/45 Stand

Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 100 Watt Heater

InTank Media Baskets - Filter Floss and Purigen

Neptune Systems Apex Lite w/ pH Probe

Neptune Systems Break Out Box

DIY ATO for Apex

DIY AWC for Apex

Tunze 9002 Skimmer

Innovative Marine MiniMax Desktop Reactor

Innovative Marine MiniMax Midsize Reactor

SpectraPure Maxpure 90GPD RO/DI


polarcollision http://www.nano-reef...isions-nuvo-24/

Aqua Illumination Hydra

Tunze 9002 with InTank collection cup

cobalt neotherm 100w

Reefkeeper lite

BRS two part doser

stock pump

Jaebo wp25

InTank media basket with filter floss, carbon, Purigen


akaeding http://www.nano-reef...marine-nuvo-24/

Maxspect razor 160w 16k

Intank media baskets

Intank fuge basket

Tunze 9002 and Intank cup

Neo therm 100 watt heater

Pinpoint ph meter

2- spin steam nozzles


Mirya http://www.nano-reef...-flower-garden/

InTank media basket with filter floss

Tunze 9002 OR IM Ghost Desktop?

InTank fuge basket with Chaeto, lit by IM MagnaFuge Light

Cobalt NeoTherm 100W

stock pump


Autoaqua Smart ATO

NanoBox Duo 24

Apex Jr.





Joel sandoman http://www.nano-reef...els-im-nuvo-30/

Maxspect Razor Nano 16k

Cobalt Neo-therm 100w

IM Spin stream

Hydor Nano slim


Jgpico http://www.nano-reef...n-nuvo/?hl=nuvo

MP10 wes

Avast Marine ato

Kessil A350W with gooseneck

IM Skimmate skimmer

Reef Keeper Lite.


endy0430 http://www.nano-reef...rience/?hl=nuvo

IM Stand

IM Skimmate Midsize Skimmer

IM Spin Stream - Return Nozzle

AI Vega with wireless controller

Vortech MP10 ES

Eheim Jager TruTemp 150 Watt Heater

JBJ NanoZapp 3 Watt Inline UV Sterilizer

Intank media baskets


nanojeep450 http://www.nano-reef...0/#entry4303399

-spin stream

-AI Nano

-inTank full package

Hydor 240 and 425


cmac07 http://www.nano-reef...ef-yet-unnamed/

Ecotech Vortech MP10w

PICO Evo-Mag powerhead (for salt mixing)

Eheim Jager 100W Heater (2, one for the tank, one for mixing)

JBJ Nano-Glo LED Fuge Light

InTank Fuge Basket

inTank Media Basket

AquaIllumination Sol Super Blue LED lighting system, black

BRS 4 Stage Value Plus RO/DI system 75 GPD


islandoftiki http://www.nano-reef...ck-mantis-tank/


More info pending


Paradizecityz http://www.nano-reef...m-nuvo-30-tank/



More info pending


Creeper Ky http://www.nano-reef...0-journalbuild/

Razor Nano LED

IM Skimmer

IM GFO Reactor

IM "create a fuge" filter basket upgrade

IM Spin Stream

Koralia Nano

Smart ATO


triangle_11 http://www.nano-reef...g/#entry4770641

IM 30 stand

IM midsized skimmer

Intank media and refugium baskets

Cobalt Neotherm heater

Sicce 1.5 return pump

Tunze ATO

Ecotech Radion G2

Power head





notthesizethatcounts http://www.nano-reef...uvo-38/?hl=nuvo

Hydor koralia nano skimmer

Ai vega




grand nano http://www.nano-reef...ntense/?hl=nuvo

JBJ 54 watt LED unibody dimmable


ReefKeeper plus




BusterDB http://www.nano-reef...ini-monster-38/

Intank baskets

Radion pro

2 mp10s

Ebo jäger 150w

IM skimmate


Chadgarner http://www.nano-reef...rine-38-gallon/

AI Vega Color with Ext Mount and Wireless Controller

IM Midsize Protein Skimmer

InTank Media Basket

CAD Lights NR-1 Nano Media Bio-Reactor

Avast ATO System

Apex Controlling Everything


Zninerfan http://www.nano-reef...ovative-marine/


Equipment Purchased/Already in possession:


Display Tank: Innovative Marine 38 Gallon Rimless

AI Vega Color LED

Ecotech Marine MP10 ES

SCA-301 skimmer

Avast Marine Works ATO

2x Eheim Jager TruTemp Fully Submersible 150W



Maxspect Razor 20.5"

Two rotating deflectors

Custom tank stand

Jager 200W heater

Tunze Nano Protein Skimmer

Tunze Osmolator ATO 3155



livewyr25 http://www.nano-reef...w-custom-stand/

Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152

Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 100 Watt

AI Vega Color

Apex Lite Controller


Intank Media Basket (Chemipure & Purigen ) and Refugium basket

Aquamaxx hob-1 Protein Skimmer


rmrlsu http://www.nano-reef...d/#entry4362252

Info pending


coolhandreefer http://www.nano-reef...460-im-38-nuvo/

AI Sol Super Blue with AI controller

Vortech MP10

100 Watt Jager

BRS 5 Stage 75GPD

inTank Mediabasket

Tunze 9004

APEX controller


shughes38 http://www.nano-reef...h-custom-stand/

Tunze 9004 skimmer

Intank baskets

Ati t5 fixture

Koralia nano powerheads


Pals_id http://www.nano-reef...up-and-running/

Hydro skim

Tunze osmolator nano

Two Little Fishies media reactor


Radion pro


cdub1955 http://www.nano-reef...lon-im-startup/


More info pending


iNTEL http://www.nano-reef...arine-nuvo-38g/


Ecotech MP10

AI Hydra

IM Skimate Protein Skimmer

IM Media Reactor

Hydro ATO

Eheim Jager 100 Watt heater




IM NUVO Fusion 30L


Bobyboy http://www.nano-reef...l/#entry4675424

Innovative skimmer

Innovative minimax reactor



Maxspec Razor 420R 160w

RKE with Float switches

Toms aqua lifter pump

Ato resovoir

JBJ Nano-Glo Led

jäger 100w heater


Yikesjason http://www.nano-reef...n/#entry4649818

Maxspect Razor 27" 160w LED lights

2 x IM media reactor

IM skimmer


Tunze 3155 ATO

AquaMaxx 75 gpd RO/DI filter


Nueok http://www.nano-reef...sion-30l-build/

2x IM Spin Stream

IM Custom Caddy

2x Hydor 300gph Return Pumps

IM Ghost Skimmer Midsize

IM Stand

Cobalt Neo Therm 100w + 75w

Tunze 3152 ATO

Vortec MP10

Jebo 2x Fan

AI Hydra

AI Controller


Admonition http://www.nano-reef...ons-fusion-30l/

2 Innovative Marine Clamp 8's

Jager 50 Watt

Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155




gahumphrey http://www.nano-reef...f/#entry4572616

Neptune Systems Apex

IM Ghost Full Size skimmer

IM MiniMax full size media reactor

Apex Controller

Ecotech Vortech MP 40

2 150 Watt Cobalt heater

2 AI Vega's

AI Director

Tunze 3155 ATO system







4G Mini-II


SouthFlorida_Tron - http://www.nano-reef...ico-4g-mini-ii/

CAD Lights Slim Profile LED System

Cobalt MJ400 Return

Hydor Flo Water Deflector

Cobalt Aquatics 25w Neo-Therm Heater


Adam_Bobomb - http://www.nano-reef...g-build-thread/

Sicce 0.5

Info pending


Mota - http://www.nano-reef...d/#entry4769520

Info pending




Kombucha - http://www.nano-reef...4w-t5-lighting/

Info pending


Uhuru - http://www.nano-reef...f/?hl=cadlights

Info pending





e-rock - http://www.nano-reef...d/?hl=cadlights

Par bulb?




Reefkid88 - http://www.nano-reef...z/?hl=cadlights

MicroReefs 10"x10" false wall

DIY led light c

Coralux Storm controller

350w Mean Well PSU

Aquatic life nano skimmer


MGDMIRAGE - http://www.nano-reef...3/?hl=cadlights

Info pending


8G Mini-II


Hkilic03 - http://www.nano-reef...nano-reef-tank/


Info pending


Wahayden1 - http://www.nano-reef...8-gallon-setup/

Info pending


Stussi613 - http://www.nano-reef...cadlights-tank/

Hydor 50w Heater

ReefKeeper Light


Mattdbz29 - http://www.nano-reef...f-lps-new-pics/

Info pending


jdokos - http://www.nano-reef...-mini-8g-build/

Nano Box Reef Mini Tide with Coralux Controller

Hydor smart level ATO

MJ 900 powering Nuvo spin stream

Cobalt heater


fgarbrec - http://www.nano-reef...-8g-pico-build/

InTank Fuge light

Hydor 25w Heater


CollegeNanoKid - http://www.nano-reef...ts#entry4436119


Info pending


ShrimpWhisperer - http://www.nano-reef...g/?hl=cadlights

Maxijet 400

Kessil a150


pippa - http://www.nano-reef...adlight8-build/

Hydor koralia

Pls-150 skimmer


AJ69 - http://www.nano-reef...cad-8-re-birth/

IM spin streams

More info pending




Nano sapiens - http://www.nano-reef...l-hummin-along/

Modded lighting

Hydor Rotating Water Deflector

50W submersible heater

2 'Pet Bottle' ATO units

Standard thermometer


mx5apex - http://www.nano-reef...k/?hl=cadlights

Info pending


Cullent17 - http://www.nano-reef...s/?hl=cadlights

Cobalt 50 W neo-therm heater

Koralia nano 240

Return pump from Cadlights

Bright Aquatics full- spectrum Par38

Chemipure and purigen in back chambers

JbJ nano glo refugium light


stuie25 - http://www.nano-reef.../?gopid=3480507

Info pending


Smee! - http://www.nano-reef...s/?hl=cadlights

Koralia nano

More pending


pmemmer - http://www.nano-reef...g/?hl=cadlights

Koralia nano powerhead

Jager 75W heater

TAAM clip-on led moonlight



18G Mini-II


Daveluce - http://www.nano-reef...ts-18g-mini-ii/

Info pending


Neebles - http://www.nano-reef...ild-cad-lights/

Cad Lights PLS 50 Skimmer


Instant Ocean Reef Crystals

CaribSea Seaflor Special Grade Sand

Cobalt Neo Therm heater

Nanobox mono with Corallux Storm controller and temp probe

Apex Lite, w/PH probe


Snowgrrl83 - http://www.nano-reef...n/?hl=cadlights

Maxspect razor nano

Tunze 9002 skimmer

2 koralia 1

Arduino ato




AquaVaj - http://www.nano-reef...cad-lights-22g/

Oddysea 250w HQI, 24Wx4 T5HO, LED ML combo


InTank Media basket

50w heater


melmel - http://www.nano-reef...adlights-build/

AI Vega Blue with controller/Bent conduit stand


Sicce 1.5 return

Bubble Magus Nacqq

Tunze 3152 ATO w 2.5 gal res


Reesea17 - http://www.nano-reef...adlights-build/

Hydor Koralia nano powerhead

Coralife thermometer

96w T5 lighting with 2 LED moonlights

Eheim Jager 50W heater

Return pump


streakr22 - http://www.nano-reef...-cadlights-22g/

4x24w T5HO

Hydor Koralia nano 425gph circulation pump

Tunze 9002 Protein Skimmer

Eheim Jager TruTemp 100w submersible heater

Cadlights "wood" formica cabinet stand

inTank media rack w/ filter floss, chemipure elite, and purigen

JBJ ATO Controller with AquaLifter pump (4 gal. RO/DI reservoir)





TR3XX - http://www.nano-reef...ht-25g-project/

150w MH

JBJ 1/20 Chiller

AquaC Remora Nano Skimmer

Thermometer, 100W heater


Kombucha - http://www.nano-reef...s-25g-cadlight/

100w hydor theo heater

Digital Thermometer


28G Signature


jamesck_00 - http://www.nano-reef...-signature-28g/

Tunze Nano



alexx2208 - http://www.nano-reef...g-build-thread/

Info pending




Lilrascal - http://www.nano-reef...ilrascals-tank/

Tunze osmolator

2 tunze nanostreams

Tunze 9002 skimmer

Aqua controller junior



34G Mini-II


SouthFlorida_Tron - http://www.nano-reef...ad-34g-mini-ii/

ATI Dimmable Sunpower 4x24w T5


Tunze Turbelle nanostream 6015.000

CAD Lights PLS-50 Pipeless Nano Skimmer

Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155.000

Cobalt Neo-Therm 100w Heater

BRS RODI w/ Spectrapure CSPDI System Kit & Dual DI

Bubble Magus BMT01 Dosing Pump


Drama1 - http://www.nano-reef...s-fish-choices/

Equip ordered and started to receive:


Colbalt neo therm 100w

Auto aqua smart ato


Rek84 - http://www.nano-reef...hts-34-mini-ii/

Info pending


GTi - http://www.nano-reef...ad-rockscaping/

Pls50 skimmer

More info pending


theishkid - http://www.nano-reef...ts-34g-mini-ii/

Info pending



39G ( this section was really empty, all the threads are old so I don't expect to get the info)


bigceez01 - http://www.nano-reef...ts#entry4222220

Info pending


Gvtv44 - http://www.nano-reef...9-gallon-setup/

Info pending


timdanger - http://www.nano-reef...lights-39g-pro/


Info pending


rizakaniza - http://www.nano-reef...o-build-thread/

Info pending


mkreg - http://www.nano-reef...anch/?hl=mkregs

Info pending


Urchinhead - http://www.nano-reef...o/?hl=cadlights

250w HQI MH Icecap Pendant and Icecap ballast with 14k Phoenix bulb

1/15 hp Chiller from Current

Vortech MP40w power head



Any of the tanks that say info pending I'm trying to contact thread owner to get info on their setup



Definelty more to come let me know of updates and if I'm missing things.

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Okay lol back on track but if I knew I would be up this late I'd be ahead of schedule so technically ... Lol nvm


EDIT: back on track officially was able to do the 30s a lot faster then I thought.

Will do rest of im nuvo tmrw

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I definitely applaud your effort in compiling this list together. I suggest you do the info in maybe Microsoft Word so that you don't lose your information again. I will update my list as soon as I get some more free time.

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Yeah I'm doing it via ipad so it closed a tab, I'll maybe do it via the notes app to save my stuff

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Great work!


Any chance of having other AIO besides IM tanks, such as PicO Aquariums/Biocube etc..?


Seriously though, this is awesome.

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Great work!


Any chance of having other AIO besides IM tanks, such as PicO Aquariums/Biocube etc..?


Seriously though, this is awesome.


Yes that's definelty the plan it's just a lot of work and I try contacting the owners of the index threads to ask them of its Alright if I use their order and format just for ease of navigation and that way it's quicker. I plan on doing cad next then I guess pico but that will be hard since there isn't an index thread on them. And the bio cubes... There's like 300 of them lol. I may avoid doing fluval specs and stuff for a while since they aren't "reef ready aios" but I will do them eventually. If there were more index threads that would help as well so I could cover all the aios possible.

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So current plans are to do the evolves and the rsms and then start working on fluval tanks. I'm going to skip bio cubes because there is already a thread on equipment and mods

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