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Fitting a Tunze Osmolator Nano onto rimmed display tank


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Recently got a Tunze Osmolator Nano for my sumpless, rimmed 10G tank, and had some water line issues.


I saw that some other people on here had a problem with water lines:




I was too lazy to go out and buy materials, and already had a soldering gun handy, so I cut off part of the rim where the Osmolator magnets would be instead of adding onto the tank.


1) First, I used a soldering gun to carve out the sides of the rim piece I wanted to cut off.

2) Then I used the gun to cut across the top of the rim piece, separating it into 2 pieces. This made it easier to get off.

3) Next, all I had to do was slide an exacto knife blade between the rim pieces and the glass to scarpe off the silicone to pop the 2 pieces off.


Hope that helps someone since this seems to be a common problem.




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