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Brand New Biocube 29 Lighting Failure Anyone?


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Was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with a Coralife Biocube 29?? I purchased this brand new, back in April. I finally have all the equipment I need to jump back into a nano reef (after leaving the hobby for 15 years). I unpacked my biocube this morning and started verifying the lights worked. Well....behold, the actinic PC light and the fans are dead! I have already submitted a warranty claim to Coralife through email. Not happy....


Is this a known / common issue?

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Yep...sent the email already. I will call in the a.m. I'm sure there won't be a problem getting it replaced. Just pretty disappointing when it is bad out of the box.

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It is not a known "issue". Things happen they will warranty the problem. It may mean you have to open the hood and check the wirring or the ballast is bad.

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Yep. I don't have a problem trouble shooting as long as they can quickly send me the parts I need. How about it though? It seems as though everything you buy these days is either non-functioning....missing parts.....damaged.... It just sometimes gets frustrating. :(

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Well for anybody who cares.....

I did call Coralife this morning, and yes, they are helpful, and willing to send me the parts required to repair. The only thing I think they could do better is ensure a better than 2 week delivery.....but hey, they are standing behind the product.


On another note....one suggestion Coralife made, was since it was bad out of the box, I should call the retailer where I had purchased the product to see about potentially doing an exchange. That retailer was Dr.F&S. While I only un-packaged it this weekend, I made the purchase 74 days ago. DR's. response.....sorry...you only had 60 days. I would have thought they would be a little better about standing behind the product in this case.


Oh well....Coralife will no doubt make it right.

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Good lesson on testing out the product right after purchase even if you plan on having it sit for months.

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Only because of the Internet forums and that everything has a plug.

What does an internet forum have to do with quality issues on anything? Secondly, not sure all quality issues are "plug" related. I am employed as product development engineer, so I'm pretty sure I understand quality, as well as what it takes to achieve it. In my opinion there is one big thing that can drive a lack of quality in today's market. (Oh...and for the record..CORALIFE has been outstanding in addressing any issues I may have had. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.) That one big thing is lack of ownership. Somewhere along the line, rather it be in a factory here, factory overseas or a design department....someone, somewhere has failed to own it. Has nothing to do with plugs, internet forums, etc.... So...if I'm reading between the lines correctly Steve, then you are saying perceived quality issues are because people on forums talking about displeasure with a product...I think you're dead wrong. As far as eluding to the fact something is difficult to consistently produce well because it moves electrons (i.e. the plug)...that just doesn't make sense.


Quality starts at the top of any organization and should trickle down. I'm not saying there won't be hiccups, but ultimately the result is quality as measured by things like return rates and out of box failures.

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There are 10,000 BC29's sold every year. You will have a bad unit no matter what it's the nature of the business. Especiall because the tank didnt cost $1,000.


By the internet I mean threads like these. They are easy to find because the 9,997 other people do not start threads saying everything is fine with my puroduct today. And you don't google those non issues.


I've been in this business a long time now as a manufacturer and retailer and you see it all. Coralife aka central pet makes one of the best quality tanks and have excellent support. I would expect nothing less with your issue.


Any consumer item that has a plug or even without is subject to failure out of the box by the time it reaches the end user.

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Steve, I'm not trying to argue with here, but your statements are contradictive. You say failures should be expected because the system didn't cost a $1000, but that Coralife (a.k.a. central pet) make an excellent product????


Coralife does make an excellent product and do have excellent customer support. As I stated I was very happy with the way they handled the issue. But I don't think Coralife is the company in question here. The statement was made that out of box failures are more common today, and they are. Sure...I understand that a reasonable rate of return is < 2%, so on 10K for example.....some 200. It happens, you are correct.


I have been in manufacturing a long time, and yes I know all kinds of crazy things happen, but I still stand by my original statement that quality or lack of it, is more prevalent in today's market place. Hey...I have one of your baskets, and have had no issues with it. Sure, it isn't a sophisticated device, but I received what was advertised. But I bet you this....you are directly involved with the manufacturing. You take some ownership...don't you? You're not subbing them out to an overseas manufacturer. All I mean, is you take an integral interest the quality of your product. Many manufactures don't. Again, I am not singling anybody out here.....but speaking in generalities.

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