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Hello people of Nano-Reef, you guys have been my nano heaven for a little over 3 years now. I started out in the aquarium hobby as a ciclid owner (hated it, dull colors and over all no fun). I converted over to salt water in 2010 and never looked back. I had a 55, hated it. 40 breeder, did not like the holes I made. 20 high, hated the high part. Mr. Aqua 18x18x18 cube, love love loved this tank; i recently took this tank down (two days ago). But I did keep some of my corals for my 10x10 cube, mainly zoa since that is my niche.



ReHype - Loved your one tank till Sandy took it out

JrMiller - Your tanks are so clean and well thought out

Scorched - Your office tank makes me want one at work

MetroKat - Macro Displays have never looked so good

List could go on but for 3 years I've stalked these guys/girls builds have have giving so much positive feedback to everyone. True reefers and enthusiast



10x10x10 No Name Cube

Aqua Clear 70 (Carbon, Ceramic, Cheato and Sponge

100 Watt Fluval Heater

Reef Breeder Par38 14k Bulb

JBJ Auto Top Off (Not hooked up yet)

Red Sea Test Kits










Hopefully you guys will enjoy watching this tank grow and flourish. There is still alot to be done, finishing the stand, mounting corals and normal clean up. I will try to update at least every time I get

something new or weekly.


Thanks for the quick view,


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