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RSC's IM 30 Return (Relapse) into the reef keeping!


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Hello everyone,
Well I guess it is about time I had posted some information on my tank and venture back into the hobby after a 10 year break.
In the latter half of 2013 I started to look into getting backing to the hobby. I was surprised at the amount of advancements and changes the hobby had undergone in that time frame. So just like before I started to read and do some research on what I wanted to do. I knew I did not want a huge set-up like I had before. Looking back it was too much work and a lot of $$$$ for a big tank, not to say that it is not now, but at least it is a lot less with a smaller tank. So after figuring out I wanted to go with a 30 to 40 gallon tank, I started to weight out my options. I was planning on slowly acquiring the tank and all of the necessary equipment and getting it wet sometime in the summer of 2014. Well that plan went out the window when my wife came across a phenomenal deal on a complete and running Innovative Marine 30. Low and behold, two days later I had it up and running in my dining room. This was in December of 2013.
Unfortunately, the previous owner bought it 3 months prior and did not realize the effort and OCD needed to keep a salt water tank. As a result, the tank was not very well taken care of (used tap water, NO3 >80 ppm, no skimmer) or properly stocked (Had a 3 to 4” Blue tang in it). So over the course of the next three months I gave the tank a lot of much needed TLC to get it up to par for keeping corals, I found the tang a better home, and acquired some more equipment to keep the tank running properly. For the last three months, I have maintained the tank and let it start to mature and stabilize. The only livestock add during this time was a flasher wrasse and a Wheeler’s watchman goby /pistol shrimp pair.
Inhabitants Listing: (updated on 1/23/15)
SPS Corals
  • ORA Hawkins
  • Pink Birdsnest
  • Green pocillapora
  • Purple w/ green polyps acro
  • Yellow w/ blue tips acro
  • ORA Red Planet
  • ORA Tri-color Validia
  • ORA Montipora Spongodes
  • Raspberry Limeade
  • Oregon Tort
  • Green Slimer
  • Sunset Montipora

LPS Corals

  • Green/purple Hammer


  • Pair of black and white Snowflake clowns
  • Wheeler's watchman goby paired with tiger pistol shrimp


Below is a listing of my current equipment set-up and list of wants and wishes.
Current Equipment:
  • IM Nuvo 30 tank
  • IM 30 stand
  • IM midsized skimmer
  • Intank media and refugium baskets
  • Cobalt Neotherm heater
  • Sicce 1.5 return pump
  • Tunze ATO
  • Ecotech Radion G2
  • Ecotech Vortech MP10
  • Ecotech Reeflink
  • BRS dosing pumps
  • TLF 150 reactor for GFO
Wants/Wish list:
  • Apex controller

Attached are some pictures of the tank and set-up. Sorry about the poor quality they were taken with the camera on my phone.




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Hi Mark,


Unfortunately I don't have much of an update. I have not been able to get on the boards in quite some time as I have been very busy with work and completing my thesis.


As far as what has been happening with the tank, here is a list of past event.

  • Acquired a pair of SA black and white snowflake clowns
  • Lost my carpenters flash wrasse (decide to see what is outside the tank after I took the screen top off to feed)
  • Found that I need to have the intensity on the radion below 35%
  • Green pocilapora spawned, now have a number of spots on the rock growing green pocilapora




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