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30 Gallon Reef (New Pics)


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FTS 19 April 2015




I am having significant issues with Neomeris annulata. I have tried manual removal, reduction in available nutrients, but it won´t go away. I will start with a method to attempt to remove it, but raising Mg levels to around 1700-1800 ppm and see if it has any effect. I have seen several posts where this has worked, so will give it a try.



Hello All!





Started this new thread with a 30 gallon aquarium build I've been planning. My current setup was a 16 gallon tank, so it will be a nice upgrade in terms of water volume. I'm planning a sump-less setup, and at the beginning it will also be a skimmerless setup, so water changes will be essential. This is what I got so far:



30 gallon glass aquarium 36"Lx12"Wx16"H

Aquaclear 402 powerhead

Fluval C4 Hang on Back Filter with sponge and activated carbon

Generic stand

Elite 150W heater

Maxspect Razor 160W 16k (ordered)

Koralia Nano (in current 16 gallon aquarium, will be transferred soon).


20 lb Cured Live Rock (will be adding another 15 from my current aquarium)

17 lb live sand


Planned Livestock


2 Ocellaris Clownfish

1 Six Line Wrasse

1 Royal Gramma

Possibly 1 Firefish



I will transfer the coral in my current setup which is currently:

Toadstool leather

Green Colt Coral

Cabbage Coral

Assorted Zoas and Palys

Pumping Xenia

Green Candy Cane Coral


I will be looking at adding in LPS and making it a mixed Soft/LPS aquarium.


Here is a FTS after setting it up yesterday.






I'm looking forward to receiving the Razor next week to get it fired up. Haven't tested Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate yet, will be getting around to it this week.


What do you think of the planned fish stocking list?

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Thanks! I've had several tanks through the years without a sump and they've worked quite well. I also like the simpler setups, although I am aware that the skimmer availability is limited and the benefit of the additional water volume is not there. I will just have to be more stringent on my maintenance routine!

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So I finally received my Maxspect Razor, and I must say it´s pretty cool, good build and easy to program. So far, I have added in two cocktail shrimp to start the cycle. I tested water parameters today and they were all in check except phosphate. I am thinking this might be related to the decomposing shrimp, but will keep an eye on it.


PH - 8.1

Ammonia - 0

Nitrite - 0

Nitrate - 0

Calcium - 460 ppm

Alkalinity - 4.5 meq/L

Phosphate - 0.5 ppm


I´m also still reviewing which will be the photoperiod I´ll have, but I'll start with max 50% intensity to acclimate the corals from my previous tank which were with 3 T5HO 24w bulbs in a slightly shallower tank.


The latest FTS:


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Added in 5 turbo snails, 3 cerith and 3 hermit crabs to start cleaning up! Water parameters are now stable as follows:


PH 8.1

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 1 ppm

Calcium: 460 ppm

Alkalinity: 3.75 meq/L

Phosphate 0.5 ppm


I also added in some green zoanthids that came in a rock from my previous aquarium and they seem to be doing fine, growing in the few days they've been in.






Will get some better pictures up just need to take out my camera and not use my iPhone...

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Finally added in my corals from my previous aquarium. So far I have:


Green Tree Leather

Toadstool Leather

Zoanthids ?

Trumpet Corals

Cabbage Leather Coral

Pulsating Xenias


My parameters have all remained in check, but I will keep monitoring over the coming weeks. I am anyways looking at adding in two Ocellaris clownfish this weekend, to start stocking the aquarium with fish.


I´ve always had trouble keeping toadstool leather corals happy, so will be looking at achieving that with this setup.


Here are a few pics of my setup so far:













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Added in new fish and a few new stony corals.

1 Ocellaris Clownfish
1 Sharknose Goby
1 Springieri Dottyback
1 Encrusting Montipora
1 Lobo Coral
1 Star Polyp Colony

Have glued the Montipora to a larger rock to get it to encrust and cover it completely. Also glued in the star poly. The Lobo was laid in the sand, as it still has room to grow in the plug its in.

Regarding Lighting, have increased the intensity by 10% since saturday and for now it is all looking good.

A B Time
0% 1% 10:00
30% 40% 12:00
50% 60% 16:00
40% 50% 18:00
15% 40% 20:30
0% 1% 22:30

I will check water parameters on monday/tuesday and do the first major (5 gallon) water change later this week.















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I added in a few new inhabitants:
1 Torch Coral
1 Red Actinodiscus
1 Kaudern's Cardinal Fish

I also fed them with Garlic Extreme, will review the benefits in the coming weeks. I will also be setting up a small Artemia hatchery to enrich and freeze.

I will be reviewing and monitoring the Cardinal to ensure it eats.



I also changed the photoperiod on the lights for increased intensity, will be monitoring corals for reaction.

New Photoperiod:

A B Time
0% 1% 10:00
40% 50% 12:00
50% 60% 16:00
40% 50% 18:00
25% 40% 20:30
0% 1% 22:30










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Thanks! The fish look quite nice in the tank, and the dottyback so far has behaved, as I know they can be quite aggressive at times.


My ocellaris unfortunately died a few days ago, I'm suspecting Ich was to blame, and now I have my sharknose goby sick as well. Posted a few picks in the fish section. Will have to start hyposalinity treatment in case it is Ich, and move all my fish to the temporary tank and leave the display fishless...


A pic of the sick goby:



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Been off updating for some time! Was able to rescue my sharknose goby and my dottyback, but lost my clownfish and cardinal unfortunately. So far, have my fish in a separate tank, and look forward to adding them back in a week or so, as they are basically over the isolation period. I also bought a new Yellow Banded Maroon Clownfish which is quite nice, and is currently being monitored in the quarantine tank. I also added a skunk cleaner shrimp.


I also have added a few corals, mainly two actinodiscus varieties. My Acan, Torch and GSP is growing fast. I have also, thanks to the additional LPS biobload, have begun to monitor Alk, which dropped to close to 2.5 meq/l. I am dosing with ReefBuilder, and want to target 3 - 3.5 meq/l, so I'm increasing my dosage to level the Alk, and then just keep a maintenance dose.


I also bought a Jebao MP10, which is working quite nicely!


Here are a few pics










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Sweet setup... Is that just a standard 30 gallon? Did you de rim a regular tank?


Thanks! It's a regular 30gallon tank. It just has a center brace and holders for a glass lid.

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I have been having significant issues with Neomeris Annulata, which has basically overtaken my aquarium. So far, I have tried phosphate removers, reducing feeding, weekly water changes, manual removal and have gotten no where.


Current parameters (Red Sea Test Kits)

Temp: 80 F

pH 8.2

Nitrate: 0 ppm

Phosphate 0.02 ppm

Mg: 1400 ppm

Calcium: 380 ppm

Alk: 2.6 meq/L


The neomeris has of course been taxing my alk and calcium, and have had to raise dosing significantly to keep up with it. So far my LPS corals have been doing OK despite the swings in Alk, but if I want them to thrive, I need to get this under control.


Any suggestions on attacking neomeris annulata are welcome. I will write back with the success of the raising of Mg.











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Hi Grom, unfortunately no, it did not go away. I'm now trying to use a combination of manual removal and peroxide dips to combat the algae. I'll post updates as soon as I have them...

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