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JBWave Controller Review


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So I wanted to give a quick review on the JB wave controller made by Joe jaworski. I currently have two WP10's that have performed great since i purchased them a few months ago however one of my only complaints about the Jebao pumps was the lack of total control i was used to. The JB wave has answered the call...I can say the controller has totally exceeded my expectations and is totally worth the purchase.


Heres a quick pic of mine (sorry its upside down)




"This controller replaces the Jebao single controllers or the twins controller with accurate, advanced wavemaking for the WP, FW, and FS series powerheads in any combinations. 10 different wave patterns with adjustable frequency, ramp, and cycle times give you full control of wave motion and duration. You can fine tune the speed of each pump individually, allowing you to mix and match WP-xx models. Speed adjustments can be made in 1% increments to perfectly match your tank size. The JBWave is configured on your laptop/computer through a built-in USB port that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux."


Heres a screenshot of the interface/manual






First off its a breeze to install/configure as it only took a few minutes to install the driver and run the utility to configure it. One of the things I love most about this controller is it has a test mode so you can get a good idea of the flow pattern of a given pump at any intensity. Theres also a multitude of wave patterns to choose from but you can also fine tune each pump to your liking.You can adjust frequency ramp and cycle times which will result in the perfect wave or flow pattern for your setup. I personally havent used another controller with so many options (at least not at this pricepoint). The only drawback is you have to be plugged into the controller to make these changes but personally I configured everything to my liking then tested it for a day or so and havent touched it since. Ive been using the controller since April and have had 0 issues....very satisfied customer


My ratings



Customer Service:10





Hope this helps anyone on the fence about buying the unit. Any questions feel free to ask and ill do my best to answer


Heres a link to joes site if your interested.


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Just wanted to share that if you have the IOS or Android version of JBWave (which has bluetooth), you can also configure it using your Mac. You have to pair your JBWave in Bluetooth System Preferences Pane. The pairing code is 1234. After it is connected, you go to Terminal and type:


screen /dev/tty.JBWave-DevB


then q and hit return key.


You should get the JBWave main menu and be able to configure it as usual. When you are done, it is better to Disconnect the JBWave bluetooth device before closing Terminal. The next time that you want to configure it, you may have to pair the device again.

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