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Coral/Sponge ID Please?


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The LFS got a new coral shipment in a few days ago so went out and broungt a branching tree coral, the guy pointed me towards the one that he said has a couple of other corals and a sponge on it saying that it was good value since I only had to pay for the one coral.


Anyway that's what brings me here, I was hoping that I could get some help on an ID for them and thanks in advance for any help :)


the reddish coloured one







and while I'm at it, I've never seen a brittle star in person so have no idea if this is one, I counted I think five leg/tenticle things on it but couldn't see the centre


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1. Looks like a sponge.

2. Sarcophyton/Toadstool/Leather.

3. Yes to brittle star, they lose legs and grow them back. Hmmmm cool you've seen your 1st brittle star.

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Thanks heaps for that, now I can do some research on them :) and I'm glad it's a brittle star, always wanted one but never got any on my live rock when I got it :D

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