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Coral Question


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I was given a mushroom from a fellow reefer. All he says is that its a high end mushroom.


I need to get a good picture of it, does not look like your typical mushroom if you know what I mean. Very fluorescent green in color kind of fuzzy but very short fuzzy. Its a piece and I just asked him again he cannot remember what its called but insists its high end, it was an addition to another coral he gave me and thought I would like it.


anyone have any ideas about this? I will try and take a good pic of it tomorrow

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Some pics there look like it somewhat others not its a small piece I have so it's hard to tell for sure the fuzzy on it is very short the color is intense lime green but that is what he did call it when I asked him.Are they high end?What can you tell me about them?


Could it be a rhodactis mushroom?

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