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gu10's for nightlights....


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I wired up two blue gu10's over my 75g to use for nightlights, think it will be too much light for that and give stuff that needs light like algae enough to grow at night? Its not very bright but I thought I better ask before I find out in a week its just feeding bad things.

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Others may disagree with me, which is commonplace, random, or generally accepted, but I think that is too bright.


If the zoas are reacting, it is too much.


I always aim for a very faint, very low blue glow...in which you can hardly see the tank.

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Yeah? So it would lose the focus right? MIght have to give that a try. Just have them laying around so thought Id try to do something with them.

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The area of coverage would increase by quite a bit. Those are most likely 40-ish degree lenses. The stock LEDs are around 120 degrees, not counting for any of the housing blocking the light.

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