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Need help with power supply for ldd drivers


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what power supply would you guys recommend for the setup


3 LDD drivers total of 13 leds Channel 1 and 3 will be using the 700H and channel 2 will be using the 1000H


channel 1: 1WW, 2,NW


channel 2: 2LG


channel 3: 4RB 1B 2UV 1Cyan


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Any 3A+ 48V power supply will work. I would go with something higher in case you want to add more LEDs later.


If you just want for what you got only this would work



If you want more headroom I have been using this one for a year now and no issues.



Then there's meanwells but they are more money.

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I would have to ask what brand of emitters we're talking about here before bandying about specific power supply suggestions.


With the Meanwell LDD as long as the power supply is of an appropriate wattage and supplies enough voltage to match the voltage request of the channel with the highest voltage request. Everything would be fine as the drivers will convert excess voltage supplied by a constant voltage source into current and then request the remainder of the current required.

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A good patron on here helped me determine my largest channel is going to be running around about 27.6V and that's including a couple of Volts lost to the driver.


I think I would rather purchase a power supply around 36V ... its my understanding that even though the driver can handle the imcoming 48V it has to turn the excess energy into heat and that causes them to run less efficiently and produce more heat..


I don't want to be using a extra 12-15V if I don't have to.





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You might look into the Meanwell HLGs, they are IP65 (I think that's the right rating number) but either way its rated for use in wet environments.


I bought the HLG-240H-48A for my build.

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