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EcoRay 72 dx


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Okay, I wanted to give a quick review on an EcoRay 72dx LED fixture.

I have one over my 55 gallon reef with 20 gallon fuge/sump. This is not enough light to successfully cover from side to side but for what I wanted it works great. My rock is centered and lit up and the light fades the last 6-8" on each side. That was my goal, otherwise I would have purchased two fixtures.


I have had the light for more than a year and it has been a maintenance free, awesome system. I am able to grow sps, lps, softies, clams and I have a two year old carpet anemone. The temperature has decreased 2-3 switching from 2x150w mh. No bulbs have burnt out and nothing has broke or malfunctioned.


I know better lights are on the market, cheaper, brighter, cooler, but this EcoRay has been perfect. Best purchase I have made for my tank.


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