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Help choosing new light


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Currently have a AI super blue sol on a 18x20x18 cube mixed reef. For growth and bringing more colors out I'm looking to upgrade and need some input. Being its very similar size to the solana 34 or mr aqua 25 cube maybe someone with one of these can give opinions.


1. Ai sol to hydra upgrade kit

2. Kessil a360

3. Rapid led aurora puck (radion 3 cluster)

4. Cree lumia 5.2 or any multichip DIY

5. A DIY build maybe evil clusters.

6. Reefbreeders or evergrow

7. Something else someone suggests


Please give any input. I'm open to suggestions

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What is your budget?


What is your electronics experience?


How important is "looks" of your reef equipment?



Thats a pretty large range of devices there. Usually when a person has the experience to put together a light, they have formed some opinions about the existing commercially available offerings.


If you dont know this already, DIY is not, not, less expensive than commercial. And you have no warranty for the most part. Dont go DIY if the reason for doing DIY is to save money.

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Of the options you listed, I would lean towards a Hydra upgrade kit.
Otherwise, I honestly have had fantastic results with Radion fixtures, specifically the pros.


Mind you, the Kessil A360 sounds like a good option as well.

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I'm looking into picking up a Mr.Aqua 25g Cube myself, the current option that I really want to test out is the new Hydra 26 with the AI Director. I'm just weary of cashing out so much on a new product that doesn't have any reviews yet.


I know that if I do not go with this setup that i'll probably just end up getting a Kessil a350w/a360 or a Nanobox.


I personally think the best option for you is to just buy an upgrade kit for your Sol.

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Thanks for the replies. As far as budget I don't want to say its not a issue. But for a radion at 700$ for features ill never really use I'd rather put the extra $ into coral or something and maybe build a single aurora puck kit since everyone says its a radion cluster. I'm pretty handy with electronics and have built a soldered fixture. But I do know that DIY is not cheaper by any means , but does give you the freedom of designing a fixture for your exact needs and wants.


As far as aesthetics, I have no canopy so a DIY I'd have to do a nice clean build. But between my OCD and great ideas from Jedi and others threads I can probably come up with something.


The hydra upgrade kit is definitely a nice simple option, but the only thing is I see the hydra and hydra 52 kit, which is overkill for a small tank, correct me if I'm wrong but the hydra is different than the new hydra 26 which had better spectrum?

Dave's nano boxes are new to me but I have read some great reviews on them, so that's definitely a option as well.


I know I'm all over the place and beating a dead horse, but in a year or so absence from the forums there's so many advancements in led technology that I'm overwhelmed by. But I appreciate the great input from you guys.

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Someone on another forum was selling vega upgrade kits pretty cheap too. But it's white blue red green. No uv or tv

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So after seeing the asis heat sinks I'm leaning towards either a lumia, aurora or clusters build. Can someone chime in on which is a better option?

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