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Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

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Added the first new acro in almost a year.  15 minute dip in 25% Bayer followed by 5 rinses, scraping with a scalpel, and superglue around parts of the base that I didn't like.


This is a Cali Tort, another funky staghorn like coral.  I had one a long time back.


What dip?





Brownie is getting another chance.  This one never colored up and has lived in the sump for a year.  Rugged beast, though it has receded significantly while down there under a cheap LED strip.  Can I color it up this time?


The larger frag of my beloved Lokani



Frags #3 and #4 of the Katropora.  100 and 125 PAR over here and look at it.  




Crazy bird, going everywhere, likes to really color up in lower light.



Rainbow Acan finally recovering.  Really suffered under low calcium, more so than the acros.  This started to die off prior to me losing the pretty red and yellow acro but I ignored it, thinking it was a food issue.





Finally, my Superman shrooms are reproducing.  Dream tank would be acros up top, these everywhere else.  Done!


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2 more new corals.


Red Planet ON one of those damn ORA plugs.  I'm 0 for 3 so far, this one for sure?


Pink Lemonade, or something close.  


Both dipped, scraped, but no super glue.  Risky risky.   Both showed good polyp extension an hour after adding to the tank.


I did my first large scale fragging.


I cut up the big Katropora for the first time ever.  Kind of an emotional experience lol, I'm such a sap.   The nearby store can hopefully keep it good looking enough to sell.  They've sold half the slimer so far.   I also got rid of a reddish acro I could never get beyond a boring red/white combo and removed a big piece of the blue tipped stag because the damn thing is growing faster than the slimer, I swear.  Branches are skinnier and it already made it to the surface.    


The goal is to get enough space for the new acros but it's going to take a few weeks to chop, scoot, and re-arrange.  


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2 hours ago, markalot said:

2 more new corals.


Red Planet ON one of those damn ORA plugs.  I'm 0 for 3 so far, this one for sure?


Pink Lemonade, or something close.    


Hi Mark, glad to hear your tank is as good as ever. 

Ever tried the ORA green planet?

I m not sure if you want another green in there but it could look good on the right side of the tank opposite of the slimer.

Here’s one of my frags. Forest green with lime tips.

Very fuzzy once acclimated. Not milli fuzzy😌


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