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Cultivated Reef

Need help choosing bulb.


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I have a Nanocube 28g LED Pro. I want to upgrade the LED's. The stock daylight LED's really white out my corals so I wanted something to really bring out all the colors. Iw as going to order the 40W bulb but saw it was out of stock. Could I get the same color and lighting with the 24 Watt 20k bulb? I want full color and the tank is a 24g cube.

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1 of the 24w bulbs is really not enough for the 28g nanocubes. You were correct in looking at the 40w bulb, as that would be more suited for that size tank.


We are indeed out of stock of both of our 40w bulbs currently. However, keep an eye out towards the end of this month for an announcement regarding our 40w bulbs. We have some nice upgrades coming :)

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