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Cadlights 18g yellow tang cube of goodness


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About 6 months ago, I decided to start up a reef tank. I've had a planted 55 for about a year now. I got I to this hobby for my kids, ages 2.75 and 5. I started with a 10 gallon petsmart special, and packed it with close to 20 fish within 24 hours haha. I couldn't figure out why the fish kept dying. That tank lasted about a month until I got the 55. It is now a high tech (high lights, injected co2, fertilizer regimen) planted tank, stocked with about 25 celestial pearl danios, 12 blue eyed gurtrudue rainbows, and about 100 red cherry shrimp. Nano fish in a big tank hahaha.




Both of my kids were always drawn to the saltwater sections of the fish store, and I've always wanted a reef tank. That led to me to purchase-


Cadlights 18g mini II aio

Maxspect razor nano

Cadlights pls50 skimmer

Jebao wp10

About 10-12 lbs of dry rock

5-6 lbs of cured live rock






I used seachem stability and cycled really quickly, although that could have been the live rock. After I tested 0,0,10, I added 2ppm of ammonia to make sure. I did this 4/5 times to make sure hahaha.


A couple weeks later I added 3 hermit crabs, just because my son was crazy about them. Then I added 2 of the smallest ocellaris clowns I've seen. They're both eating well and are very active. Of course they're both named nemo haha.




Yesterday, my lfs was having a buy one coral get one half off, so I picked up a 2 headed hammer (actually has 3 heads), and a rock covered with Zoas for 60$. There is at least a hundred heads on it. I'm not sure what kind they are, but I doubt they're anything special like "electric ports potties" or anything. They are very colorful and glow like crazy under actinics.






It's impossible to take pics with an iphone with the blues on. The whites make them look brown.


That's where I am today. My next purchase, besides more coral, is an ato and an rodi unit. I then plan on adding a trio of tangs. At least a yellow tang, a powder blue tang, and I'm unsure of the third.











Just kidding. About the tangs.

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I then plan on adding a trio of tangs. At least a yellow tang, a powder blue tang, and I'm unsure of the third.

lol'd heartily.

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I picked up a new purple and green favia. It is a sweet looking coral, and it glows under my blues like crazy. It's so cool seeing it's sweepers come out at night.




I'm unsure about the placement. I've read that it grows in a domed shape, so should I try to find a piece of rock that is shaped like a dome? Or can it grow to any rock?




Here's a shot of my acans. Look kind of blah in pics, but is stunning in real life. I'm gonna try to scrape it off the plug today and glue it to some rock. I've been feeding it mysis every 2-3 days. It has grown significantly in the 2 weeks I've had them




Here's a fts as it sits now. Besides the 2 clowns, I wanted a bottom dweller of some sort. I was thinking a ycg and pistol shrimp combo, mostly because my lfs had a pair. But the way my rock work is set up, I'm pretty sure I'll never see them. What about a fish that perches in the rock work? I think my kids would get more enjoyment out of that. Any suggestions?




And here's the best shot of my zoa rock. Still a shitty shot



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