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Dreaded Aiptasia, ID please ?


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Picked up Xenia that was on a piece of rock, and just saw these little tentacles on the left side of the rock that are most likely not part of the Xenia.



While you guys look at the picture, I'm going to move the rock to my fish's QT that's in the basement in the mean time. I don't want these Aiptasia spores everywhere in my DT. Rather call it a loss on the Xenia then to bring nuisance in.



-edit- as I was removing that frag, I poked the little tentacles and it retracted, so it's clearly a hitchiker of some sort. hopefully it didn't release spores, I had that piece of rock in my tank for about 14 hours before I noticed the aiptasia



Would it be viable to remove the Xenia from the frag, and have it latch on another piece of rock (this time, my own), and have it not carry aiptasia spores, etc.

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Not sure if its aips but can quarantine or just cut the xenia off and glue them down to a rock on your display. Xenia grows pretty wild so there will probably come a point in time where you feel it's more of a nuisance.


That may just be baby aips sprouting.

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