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New setup


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Hi all. Thank you in advance for your help, I am new to saltwater and am coming from multiple planted freshwater tanks. I recently purchased an evolve 8 for a nano reef setup. Being that I am only experienced with saltwater through old roommates, this tank will be somewhat of a learn as you go tank which I am fine with.


Basically I am looking for just some confirmation as to what my plans are to make sure my knowledge and the lfs are correct.



-evolve 8 (stock unless noted)

-polyfilter instead of stock cartridge-- this is my main question. The LFS suggested this to be easier and as efficient for a nano compared to chemipure and purigen. Also, considering adding some rubble to the 2nd side of the "sump"

-add on modular surface skimmer from bio cube

-beamworks 6x3w LED

-considering splitting the first side of the sump with the plexi mod that I have seen around here. Not sure if this is needed if someone can elaborate.

-a small heater of some form-- will a 10w or small beta heater suffice?


Inside the tank:

-starting with all premixed water

-bioactive aragonite sand

-either all figi live rock or some live some base-- LFS said not to do base at all (something about harmful bacteria forming easier on base rock) but because of costs I may elect to

-some form of a CUC

- start with some easy and durable corals after a few weeks

-after a few more weeks add in a blenny and one other fish (or some combo of 2 fish)



Thats basically it. Like I said I am new to this and just wanted to triple check and get your opinions on what I plan on doing. Thank you again and please throw out any comments or suggestions.



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Doesn't look like bad of a list so far, but i'd suggest a few things.


First that light is more than likely not going to be able to grow much of anything except maybe some shrooms and zoas so if you wan to keep anything more i'd get something different. Don't cheap out on the light! (get a nanobox!)


OR if that's too pricey a good par38 bulb will work well.


Second on the heater i'd recommend the cobalt neotherm heater, my tanks roughly ten gallons and i use the 50 watt, they are pretty cheap and work great.



I'm not too sure on the polyfilter, I run chemi pure blue in mine though...


Also you might want a pump for water movement maybe a hydor pico mag or nano?


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the base rock myth your lfs told you is b.s. if your just starting a tank, clean base rock is the way to go. it might take a little longer to cycle but the benefits of starting with a good dry live rock far out weigh the cons. i will never start another tank with live rock from an lfs. to many hitchhikers and general heathens for my taste. your lfs more then likely just wants you to spend more of your hard earned money.

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Heh guys so here's an update on the tank. Thanks for everyone's help. The water parameters are great and the tank has fully cleared up after about 16 or so hours. Here's a shot of what it looks like.


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Well the whole tank was already "cycled" prior to setup. The water came from the lfs, live rock, and live sand. The levels tested amazing yesterday with ph a little low and ammonia and nitrite near 0 while nitrates at only about 5-7. The only issue I'm having is for some reason the water the lfs supplied has a low salinity of about 1.021. I'm waiting for some evaporation and going to top it off with saltwater instead of RO.


But yea everything is going great, a micro brittle star came out last night and was crawling on the rocks. There may be a few feather dusters as well but I am still waiting to better ID them

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