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New Project, Rimless 40 Breeder


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FTS of 40 Breeder Im working on. It will be using Glass holes return and overflow. 20l sump.

Anyway, this took a lot of time and razor blades to get it to here. Removing the plastic and the silicone tomake the seams look clean was an all night project.




Chippout at corner, do you think this is ok





Glass divot on back edge, you think it compromises integrity




I should have just worked an extra shift and bought an ADA, or two shifts and get the Elos. But im frugal like that. Better to DIY than work and pay someone else to do what you know how to do.


Any suggestions. Anyone else running one of these? Lets hear from you

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ehhh. I would be worried with no brace. its not super thick glass. I would say maybe go get some glass about 2" wide and make a euro brace for the top for extra piece of mind. cant cost to much to buy some cheap plate glass and cut

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