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First Zoa! Coloration question.


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Hey guys,


I just received my first zoa in the mail yesterday, and it is looking very happy in my tank. It opened up within a couple of minutes, and has stayed open all night and probably all day today (currently at work). I know that corals undergo stress during travelling (who doesn't?) and that can definitely affect coloration. My question is, how long does it take a zoa to go back to it's beautiful colors that it was showing prior to shipping?


(insert shameless plug for cal3v here... his corals are beautiful! Buy from him!)


I guess pix would help this one... I will post pix of the after image once I get home... although I don't currently possess a camera w/ macro lens this may be a bit of an unfair comparison... (before pic belongs to cal3v, not me)








Thanks, nano-reef!

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I haven't had a zoa get dull from shipping (SPS I have) but lighting will certainly make it look different.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Tamberav.


I suspected that might be the case, in terms of lighting. With regards to soft corals (LPS & zoas), is there a point where there is too much light? I am currently running a JBJ nano cube (12 gal) w/ the stock LED's (5 white, 3 blue), with an additional 3 blue for moon lighting. Would the addition of another light strip, say something like this:


be too much? I figure that a rose would help balance out the pure blue/white LEDs that I have running currently.


Man, the day is crawling by...



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Legendary Corals

Your first zoa!!! Welcome, you've just started collecting one of the most addicting types of corals.


If your tank's parameters are spot on and the coral is happy, should fully color up in about two weeks at most!


Gorgeous Blue Shurikens btw. :)

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Mr. Microscope

Awesome looking zoas! They should be fine, just make sure your lighting isn't too intense. That'll cause it to lose more color than anything (bleaching).


BTW, I'd scrub the hell out of that plug and give the frag an H2O2 dip (look it up) to kill off the algae so it doesn't spread to the rest of your tank.

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Thanks for the reply, guys. :D I admit I have been lurking these forums for months before I even thought about setting up my tank. I know I have been lucky enough to avoid most of the issues people have starting up their first tank (knock on wood). So far, the biggest issue I have run into is my clowns need to be QT'd (they developed ich about a week after being added to my tank) but they're looking happy in the ghetto makeshift QT I set up (tupperware w/ mugs, powerhead, heater, and sponge, dosing copper). Should be back in my tank in no time. :)




I will probably let the zoa acclimate for a few days, and then move it onto the rocks, any tips on working with such a tiny guy? So far the other guys I have mounted have been much bigger... such as this dude:




Any tips would be really appreciated. B)



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