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Need lighting input for fluvial spec V


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Hey guys I'm setting up a fluvial spec v soon.


I found a couple of people with similar tank using the Current USA Orbit Marine LED, 18-24in.


It seems to fit the tank well. It fits what I was looking for in features. It has a nice simple design. The price is also right at the most I wanted to invest in lighting.


I wanted to ask anyone using this light what they thought of it now that they are using it? Would they purchase the same light if they had to do it over again? Do you like the color output? How is the coral growth?


I know a drawback to this light is its not full spectrum lighting and is just a mix of white / blues. So has anyone gotten this light and maybe added a uv strip or maybe modded the led in the unit to get full spectrum?

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I think its a nice light if you are on a budget. I own the light and currently have it over my Spec V. It fits the tank perfect and is very sleek.


I do not run it at 100% (I only plan to run blues at 95% and whites at 70%, im in the process of slowly increasing the output). I found that with blues about 20-30% brighter than the whites you get a crisp 14k look over your aquarium.


So far I have seen positive growth in my softies and LPS. Ive only had the lights a couple months and my zoa colonys have doubled from just 4-5 polyps to about 10 or so.


Its not the strongest light on the market but it gets the job done for LPS and Softies. I have no experience with growing SPS under it, but I do plan to try out some birdsnest/pocillopora and montipora in the future.

As you've said, it isn't full spectrum. I would personally like it more if it was. Oh well, I might add a UV stip in the future as you suggested, but for now it gets the job done and i'm pleased with my results.


You can see some (crappy) pics of it over my aquarium by clicking the link in my signature

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I have no experience with the US Orbit however I've seen it on here (cswan) and it looks neat.


Check out my thread in the description if you wanna see what a Par 38 Cree LED looks like :)

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If you can afford it, get the nano box tide. Especially now that Dave is releasing the budget light with controller upgrade possibility

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I'm not trying to spend that much. I think I also prefer something that equally lights the tank and not the spot beam

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The unit does not use optics, so the way the picture was taken gives it that effect. Your entire tank would be more than lit ;)


I have a budget unit coming out next week under $200.



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Dave thanks for clearing that up can you pm me any details or send me a link on the "budget unit" ? Im on the fence at this point. Im really liking that par 38 Kijho is running as well


I got some time to decide since i gotta wait for the cycle to finish in the tank anyway.


I got about 4 or 5 different routes I can go

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