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Skimmer for Coralife BioCube 29 gallon


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Hey guys,


So, I sold my 50g finally and officially upgraded to a 29g! Specially, the Coralife BioCube 29 gallon.


Dr. Foster/smith was having a 35%-50% sale and for the same cost I sold my old tank, I can buy this one. Good deal in my eyes.


What I want to know, is what skimmer would work best ( and fit ) in this tank.


Details of the tank.


Have heard of a few skimmers, read reviews, watched youtube videos. Just starting my own thread to see others opinions. Thanks!

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Good luck! There are quite a few skimmers that fit in the tank. I comes down to if you want to be able to close the rear lid, and what chamber you want to put the skimmer in.


I started with a Hydor Slim Skim Nano, and it is able to fit in the first chamber, very tight fit, but I put mine in the 2nd chamber along with an InTank media basket. I ended up returning it because it made a loud humming sound that you could hear throughout my house. I picked up an Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer and I love it. A bit on the pricy side, but worth it in my opinion. If you look in the Marine Depot sponsor forum I posted a video of my setup.

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