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Finnex Ray2 (x2) vs BML 14000 (x1)


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Was wondering what you guys thought about a lighting setup for an 18" deep (also 18" tall) reef. For the same price, I could get one single BML 14000 xb, or two Finnex Ray2 Daylight/Actinic lights. I have Finnex fixtures on my other two planted FW tanks and really like them, but I have heard some great things lately about the BML fixtures. I just can't afford 2 of them, and 18" is kind of a wide angle for one single LED fixture, at least in my mind. Tank is a 25g cube 18x18x18.


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Quite honestly, neither of those options are going to be good for a tank of that size. If it was 12" tall or less, then they could be usable, but at 18" tall, you are pushing the limits. Out of the two though, the BML strip would be a better choice, with far better overall color and higher PAR.

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So what do I need to look at then? I would prefer to stay within the realm of LED's due to decreased cost of running and heat production, but I'm not totally stuck on it. What about a dual T5 fixture?

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Have you looked at reef breeders fixtures at all? I believe the small dimmable one is still $179, and should cover an 18"cube well.

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Hmm, no I just checked them out an I hadn't ever heard of them.


Quoted from the product description


Each fixture measures 16″ long x 8.5″ wide, x 2.5″ tall, and covers a 24″ cube for SPS, and a 36″ long area for SPS in the middle, and LPS/softies on the edges.


So this is saying on a cube up to 24" it will provide enough light for SPS throughout the whole tank?

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And then some. It's a powerful fixture for a good price. It's certainly not the most efficient use of power over a tank of that size, but with it turned down (you will have to turn it down a fair bit) it will get into more practical ranges.

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