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Balanced 2 part dosing to match needs of tank


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So according to my salifert mag, salifert ca, and hanna digital alk readings are as follows


Mag 1350

Ca 480

Alk (147) ppm 8.232 DKH

Total water volume

Display 40gal

Sump 25gal


I realize that with my big three Mag is on the high side, ca needs to be around 440 and alk needs to be around 9-11. I know several here maintain an alk similar to mine, but cant seem to find a happy medium for average ideal alk. I do weekly 5 gal water changes with IO reef crystals, so these numbers are in direct relation to the added new salt. These numbers stay consistent through the week, but im planning on putting some sps in on tuesday so I picked up c-balance in 1 gallon bottles, and am trying to determine dosing at this point w/o a dosing pump. So heres my proposed method. Hand dose 6ml of part b to raise alk and ideally bring down ca. Is this a good rate as reef calculator says i need for an alk of 10 is 82 ml of part b to put calcium at 432 ppm. I realize I wont reach this alk at my dosing rate, but I dont want to spike ph, or upset current parameters to drastically. Question time



So for comparison purposes:

1. How many ml of Alk & Cal do you dose over a 24 hour period?

2. How many ml of Mag? Weekly?

3. Total Water Volume?

4. Small, Medium, or Heavily Stocked with Coral? What type?

5. Are you using Kalk as well? If so, how much per gallon of RODI?

6. What doser are you using? Or are you manually dosing?

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