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Fish feeding w/frozen cubes


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Just looking for some advice/comments on feeding with frozen cubes. Since both of my tanks are small i place a frozen cube in a small plastic pill bottle (actual Salifert nitrate test container) add two pipettes of rodi water and keep it in my fridge. When i feed every other day using my pipette i feed my fish with it. My question is sucking up the water along with the food ( mysis/brine) is the liquid bad to put into the tank?


The reason i ask this is im having an issue with high phosphates in both of my tanks and was wondering if this was the cause? Thanks in advance for all input

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High phosphates could be a myriad of different things really, but yes most people that I know will strain frozen cubes before feeding it. Personally I stick to rods food and don't even need to strain it.

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People spend very good money buying bottled amino acids for their corals(well I do).


Then throw away all that peptide/amino acid filled and enriched liquid from their mysis cubes(I dont do this).


If your water parameters and light is such that your corals are feeling happy...


Squirt your acros with that mysis juice and just watch the mesenterial filiments come out. Squirt your chalices and watch them puff up and pop out their tentacles to catch the mysis you're going to give them. Sun corals come out, etc...


Yes it has phosphates in it, almost all living cells contain phosphorus (phosphates), especially Rods Food. It is what cell membranes are constructed with, and in the mitichondria in the nuclei(ATP, ADP, & AMP)


Ramp up your phosphate filters and reactors, and your macro algae to keep your levels down. Change your water more frequently.

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