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Cultivated Reef

My SR-80 Aquascape and New Tank Cycling


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With my 50 lbs of Pukani dry rock, I did vinegar bath for 48 hours and cure for 2 weeks with Phosphate remover. Now it is the time to get them into the tank.




Pukani dry rock is very easy to do aquascape. I bought a pencil sized chazel and hammer, made many caves, bridges etc.




After loaded 80G RO DI water into the tank, post rock installation, live sand, salt etc... I turned on the pumps (900gph return pumps and a VorTech MP40W on the left), heaters (keep around 83F for bacterial growth). By the way, I added in a bottle of Tetra SafeStart PLUS to boost initial bacteria. I will add another 750 gph Turbelle Nanostream 6025 small wavemaker this week to the right side.




The readings (Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Phosphate) levels look good so far. It seems Tetra SafeStart PLUS is talking effect, which means fish-ready right away. I will monitor this for a week and see if it is realy fish-ready, then maybe starts adding some algae eaters...


I am also running GFO and Carbon in the two reactors now to reduce Phosphate and making water clear during cycling this tank.





Below is what I got when I was curing the Pukani rock... That crazy green/blue is the top level ammonia...


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Following also - I've had my eye on this model too...


Are those Kessil A3x0's? Another hardware piece I'm interested in..

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Great looking setup! Did you start your cycle with ammonia?

Thanks. Am I supposed to add ammonia? Sorry, I am new to this... I guess, Pukani dry rock has lots of dead stuff in those holes which are source of ammonia.... The ammonia was super high when I was curing them before adding to the tank. Now the ammonia level seems lowered. I am not sure if that is the effect of a bottle of Tetra SafeStart PLUS, or maybe the cycle has just get started, those dead stuff not yet dissolve into the water... maybe ammonia will spike in a week?

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