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Fish jump guard/splash guard for rimless 40b


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So I'm planning out my rimless 40 breeder build and I've come to a bit of an issue. I'm ordering my tank from glass cages equipped with their glass wall overflow. I'm not terribly concerned with fish jumping over the glass into the overflow as I will be using a strainer on the plumbing. However, I am trying to plan out some sort of jump guard/splash guard for the tank as I would like to have a few 'jumpers' in the system. Has anyone taken on a project like this? Does anyone have any ideas on a nice clean looking jump guard that will go with the rimless tank style? The only thing I can think of is silicone a guard cut out of 1/4 inch acrylic to the top of the tank. thoughts? Any ideas or tips are very appreciated!

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I made a screen for the top of my tank awhile ago:




For a rimless, I would countersink one of those inside the tank when it was dry with some form of acrylic L bracket siliconed to the glass on the left and right sides.

I hadn't thought of an l bracket. Only thing is id like to avoid using silicone on the viewing plane of the glass since the tank is going to be made of star-fire glass. I'm wondering if I can find or make a bracket that will hug the glass strong enough to avoid using silicone.

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I think I've got a plan for it. I'm going to recreate this bracket in 1/4 inch acrylic.




This way the jump guard, that will be cut from a 48x24 sheet of 1/4 inch acrylic, will slide into the bracket and I won't need to silicone anything to the glass :) Thanks for the L bracket idea!

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