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Coral Vue Hydros

5 Gallon Mini bow build


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Hi all,

New to the forum and returning to the hobby with a spare 5 gallon mini bow that I had in the garage. I'm thinking of lighting the tank with one 20w 50/50 coralife bulb. What kind of corals do you think this will allow me to keep? Just mushrooms? Some more? Also what am I looking at in terms of fish? I'd like to keep a hi fin red banded goby with a shrimp, but I'd also like something free swimming, would the second fish be too much? What are some suggestions on the second fish? For the record I'm gonna use a deep sand bed and a lot of rock to keep the tank as stable as possible.

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I have the same tank up and running. The 20 w 50/50 bulb will support mushrooms some zoas but not much else. Also the right hand of the tank will have a shadow and will not be able to grow much. It s the light that I started with. I upgraded to LED.

With the fish I would keep it to one fish. A goby is great. A second fish is pushing it. I have a firefish in mine that has done well for almost two years. Some people would say that I am pushing it with just the firefish. I had a neon Goby in there with the firefish for a little while but thought it looked cramped.


In small tank I would be hesitant to have a deep sand bed. It will cause problems later. I have a very shallow sand be in mine no problems in almost 2 years.


Here is a link to mine. Nothing fancy but a fun tank with really low maintinace.




Just a note. Be careful that tank scratches easily.

Good luck

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Maybe. I would think that you would need more light than the 20 Watt Bulb. If you look at my thread when I had to go back to the Bulb because my DIY LED went bad the Xenia and zoas were thin and not thriving.

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