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Here is what I'm planning on stocking my 40 breeder with. This tank will be all sps with maybe some lps. I'm using a reef dynamics ins-100 skimmer and I have a reactor for carbon/gfo. I'm on the fence about if I'll run the carbon/gfo though. I like the idea of running only a skimmer and water changes. I'm looking for color and activity at all levels of the sand. Also currently I' bare bottom. Anyways here's the list and let me know any suggestions. Thanks.



2 O.Clownfish

3 Zebra Barred Darfish

Midas Blenny

Firefish (Purple or Helfrichi)

Royal Gramma

Banggai Cardinalfish

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Man that sucks because I already have the clowns. I mean who doesn't want clowns as their first fish? Any ideas how to add fish without them being jerks?

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I never thought of that. I guess I'll just put the new fish from the QT to the Dt and the clowns from the DT to the QT for a day.

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My Clowns have been in my tank the longest and they've never even looked at another fish strangely. I'm pretty sure they're stoners. :lol:

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IMO I wouldn't go with more than 6-7 fish, I love my helfrichi in my 30 long and given the chance I'd pick up another one or 2 as they are a schooling fish otherwise getting just one they are a bit shy and tend to dart into the rocks with any sudden movement.


I always add fish with lights off and keep them off for a day, also if you can move the rocks around that helps avoid any hostility as it destroys any territory the clowns have marked out.

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