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Apista or majano?


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I saw this guy on my new live rock on day one. I thought it was an apista and figured I'd get some peppermint shrimp when the cycle was done. Today it disappeared. I'm not feeding anything so maybe it went off in search for food. It can squeeze down into its hole when disturbed, so I thought apista. You can still see the tips sticking out when it pulls into the hole, and it's definitely gone from where it was. I noticed earlier today before it disappeared that it was stretched WAY out of its hole, so I could see his whole stalk thing, and that the mouth had turned into a bulb like. A bit later it was still stretched out, but the mouth was back to normal. Do apista move or is it a majano? How can I get rid of it if I can't find it? Can I starve it out?


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Never mind, he's back! Now I also have a few apista I think. They look just like this when extended except white/clear




The best shots I could get of the bugger were the following. He refused to extend for the photo.




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