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Eheim streamON+ 2000


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Well I got my hands on one of Eheim's new line of streamON pumps yesterday.

Namely the Eheim streamON+ 2000 model with magnetic attachment and flow regulator.




Its rated for aquariums 35-200 liters with up to 2000 l/h flow rate.

I got rather curious about it, as I needed a small stream pump for my 10g mandarin tank, but the Tunze NanoStream 6015 I used to have there was just too powerful for such a fish.


I have to say I am pleasently surprised as the streamON+ 2000 seems to be pretty much ideal for small nano's.

It produces a strong but overall gentler current than contemporary pumps ive tried, and the fact that it has a flow regulator is a big bonus, as I have personally only seen such features on more expensive higher end pumps from other brands.

It also has a very solid and silent magnetic mounting bracket, which has soft rubber pegs/inserts between the bracket that clamps on to the pump itself and the magnet that lays against the glass, which dampens the vibrations in the glass significantly.

It swivels a full 180 degrees in increments, allowing it to be aimed in literally any direction you want, and pretty much feels rock solid and not prone to shifting like many other stream pump mounts.


I haven't had time to use it much yet, but I have to say that my first impression of this pump is a very good one and I encourage people to try it out for themselves.

Though I strongly suggest getting it for smaller tanks mainly and am honestly not sure it would really be that great in a large 200 liter tank.

It just does not feel like the water jet carries quite as far as that of the nanostreams, which does not have to be a bad thing, as it all comes down to tank size, what you wan't to keep etc.


I also made a little unboxing video, showing the pump fully broken down to all its parts and the complete assembly process, as well as what it looks like in action.






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