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cermedia instead of refugium


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My sump has a 3"w x 20"l x15"tall chamber for refugium, so like 3-4 gallons. My refugium on my 40b growout tank has turned into mostly an unflushed toilet than a filter. Im nixing the refugium on my display system. Contraindicated for a Zeo system anyway.


Ive looked at this cermedia stuff before, might have even posted, don't remember.


Has anyone used this stuff

http://www.cermedia.com/marinepure.php ?


Intention is to have it very last before return pump, so prefiltered-the-most water.


Any reviews or regrets from past or current users?




The refugium was going to be mostly nano live rock, macros, and CUC. I am no longer a fan of all the cute little hitch hikers biodiversity soft cycle blah blah bkah. Just takes one egglaying little something that eats my $$$$ animals. I have a hard enough time keeping them from sneaking in on frags.


As close to a ZeoBak monoculture, dead sand dead rock, clean system. I may slip in some of Tim's and Chris' bottled bugs for the fun of it later on.

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BRS uses one of the blocks in an anemone tank there's a video on youtube they talk a little about it and there's a channel on youtube called majestic aquariums he talks a little about them and i think he uses them in his tanks. i just ordered the 1.5" spheres. should have them tomorrow. i'll keep you posted.

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so i got my marine pure in today. about a week later then i thought. i got the 1.5" spheres. they look exactly like they do on the website other wise i would have taken pics. they are heavier then i thought they would be, which is good because they sink like a rock and they are incredibly porous. i let them soak for a while in r/o water and rinsed them good not to much dust. i'll keep y'all posted.

Ive got a gallon in my Dr FostersSmith cart.

They are like 40% cheaper there than BRS.

yeah thats were i got mine. i think they are cheaper then ordering direct from cermedia.

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