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Nanokubus 25


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Hi there,

Coming from the big tanks with HQI lighting, I know nothing about nanos and/or led´s... so I ask for a piece of advice:

Due to space restrictions I was really "forced" to buy a "Nanokubus 25" (I believe its from "Haquoss or aquarialand" and actually has 19lt...not 25lt !), but that light LED light that comes with the thing is really giving me some doubts on reef-capability.

This is the tank:

This is the LED:

I only intend to keep soft corals and possibly one goby... What do you think about it?

Thanking you in advance,

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The tank looks fine, but the light is pathetic. Even for softies, you are going to need something with more output. I'm assuming you aren't in the US, so I'm not really sure what options you have available to you. Something like a PAR20/30/38 lamp would probably work well for that tank without requiring you to spend an excessive amount.

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First of all, thank you very much for the prompt reply to my question.


Yes..."pathetic" was my exact thought when I saw what came with the box, but... when one doesn´t know...

Anyway, they were only selling it as a "pack", so even though my feeling was right...I´ll have to keep it. I guess I´ll make a fancy reading light out of it. :)


But coming back to the LED conversation (remember that I really (really) do not know where to go from here. Even with all the reading I have been doing over this "led issue", it is one accronym after the other and I´m about to mix the LED´s with the PAR´s (kind of, anyway), and when looking at any e-shop, I´m getting even more confused with products descriptions so I´m going to abuse on your knowledge and ask you... if you can recommend something specific (any link to a suitable product for my little tank) that you think I should be looking at.


I´m not in the US, but we have pretty much the same stuff on this side of the pond, so... a recomendation would be highly appreciated :rolleyes:



Thanks again,


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Look for the lamps I recommended earlier. PAR38's are the most common, and can be had relatively cheaply (less than $100 over in the US). I can't really recommend anything specific, because what it available to me isn't necessarily available to you in this area of lighting. Just search for "reef LED PAR38", or something along those lines and you should find something. Avoid eBay options, as they are typically of low quality.

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