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2014 Florida Frag Swap on June 21st


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Just found out about this swap, looks promising from what I've seen on Facebook and Instagram.



Copied from a CL ad:


There will be face painting for the children, refreshments & snack bar, as well as a great raffle event!

Please check us out for tons of updates on our vendors list, floor plan, and so on.

Admission is $10, Kids under 12 FREE entry. Ticket discounts for those who have served in the military and are in law enforcement are also FREE with proper ID.

300 Gulf Stream Way
Dania Beach, Florida 33004

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Some big news coming tomorrow about vendors, it's about time! Small hints on facebook and instagram but not enough.

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It was just a floor plan, looks better then the original one they had. Lots of big named vendors coming,



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Some raffle updates:


It's crunch time! We are finally getting in our raffles and boy this will benefit the attendees!

REEF2REEF has something BIG up their sleeves! Can't wait to hear what it is myself!!! We ALSO have donations from other sponsors.

This isn't any old raffle, this one is going to set the standard for raffles at any event. Being as we've all been to these frag swaps and the live corals in the raffles are usually... not the best from a vendor. We've decided to make it work better for you guys! Every coral vendor at our event will be raffling off GIFT CERTIFICATES! Not one, but TWO (2) $25.00 of them. What does that mean? Better odd of winning one of the two!

Below are the vendors who will each be donating Two (2) $25.00 Gift Certificates:

The Reef Zone
ME Coral
iFragit Corals
24/7 Aquariums
Cornbred Corals
A Better Fish Bowl
Ant's Aquatics
Got Corals
Blue Seas Aquariums
Aquarium Art
Living Reef Orlando
Endless Oceans
Hobe Sound Frags
Reef Top Aquariums
Reefers Direct

Below are the Dry Good Donations from vendors of the show:
Boyd Enterprises - Product Line
AlgaGen - Product Line
Dirk's - TBA Product
Blue Dream Aquatics - TBA
Frags R Us - TBA
Deep Reef Water - TBA

Below are Specialized Donations from vendors of the show:
Joshporksandwich Zoas - ANOTHER High End Zoa Pack!
Xima Reef & Clownfish - High end designer Clownfish

Below are Donations from sponsors of the event:
Exotic Sealife International - Dry Goods
Rogger's Reef Food - Frozen Goods
LRS Frenzy Foods - Frozen Goods
Riley's Reef - $25.00 Gift Certificates & FREE Coral Coupons

We will continue to update as more information comes up!

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FINAL floor plan!



Exotic Sealife International donated a TON OF STUFF: Salifert test kits, frag kits, brightwell products, part A & B, maxi-jets, eletronic ph checkers, ph probe, DVDs, food clips, joe's juice, and more!

Reef 2 Reef donated: ILLMAGIC LED fixture, RETAILS for a little under $1000!

NSU/Captain ME Coral donated a GRAND PRIZE of a DIVE TRIP and a tour of the NSU Coral Initiative facility

Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies donated: Acropower, Kalkwasser, part A & B, gel glue, magnet food clip, magnet cleaners, revive, tons of other stuff!

Reef Nutrition donated a line up of their product!

Larrys Reef Service donated tons of frozen food, shirts, caps, and a glass!

Rogger's Reef Food donated frozen food.

Xima Reef will be donating a pair of designer clownfish

Joshporksandwich will donated ANOTHER high end zoa pack!

Riley's Reef donated a $25 gift card to their store and look in the goody bags for a coupon for FREE CORAL!


Raffle ticket deals:

$1 - 1 Ticket
$20 - 25 Tickets
$50 - 60 Tickets
$100 - 125 Tickets

BONUS for the early birds!!! FREE LED keychains compliments of Exotic Sealife International!!!

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Great show, raffle was awesome. Lots of people, vendors, overall well put together.


It was awesome when they were looking for Mark of ME Coral. One vendor called for Mark and then the whole room started to call for him.

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First frag swap, and it was an awesome experience. I got a pair of picassos from the raffle! That was just the icing on the cake. Looking forward to future events like this.

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