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Stechs02 rocks


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So i responded to Chad's hardware for sale listing. 4 LED modules, pumps, overflow box..... I was going to bargain him down on the package deal because i thought i could. Glad i didn't. I was a bit nervous because the lights might crack each other during transmission as free shipping normally ....works like free. I got a shipping notification the next day. A few days later i got a huge box, yesterday. It must have cost him a fortune to ship that box with all my fragile LED lights and stuff. I opened it and man holy smoke. He packed everything like he was shipping eggs. Every single items is bubble wrapped, and the whole thing foam padded. He must have spend hours wrapping my stuff up. And the LEDs like he said mint condition. A steal for me


. What a guy! It was a great experience with Chad. Thanks again.

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