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Removing small piece of rim


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I have an unused 10 gal AGA standard tank. I dont want to de rim it completely but how would i go about cutting off about 2" of rim to mount my Tunze 3155 ato.


Should i just score it all the way around and pry it up and off without affecting the rim on both sides of the cut or is there a better way...Thanks very much. AVIATOR300

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The plastic is fairly soft. You can take a utility knife to cut throught it. Take the blade and kind of rock it back and fourth to push the blade through the plastic to cut it. Kind of hard to explain. You may need to take a small wedge out as you cut through it (kind of like with cutting down a tree) to give room for the blade as you get deeper through it.


Scoring through it should work too.


Not sure which method would be more time consuming. The scoring method probably carrys less risk of injuring yourself though.


If you have a rotary tool, you could probably use a cutting disc. That would be the quickest and most efficient way. Just be careful when you get close to the glass.

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