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Brads Cadlights 34G Mini II - Build list


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I've been working on a build list for a new Cadlights 34G Reef.

I would love to hear any thoughts/opinions about this list… things you might change, etc.


Items that are check marked are "First Round" items. They won't all be added or bought at the same time. These will get the tank going and cycling, then I'll drop in a clown and maybe a starter coral.

Once everything looks good for a couple of months then I'll start slowly upgrading and adding a MP10, ATO, more corals, etc.


I really want to take this tank slow and do it right. Let me know what you think.



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Tron do you happen to have a photo of it in action? I was told 100 probably wouldn't be enough. I'm assuming the 150 I have on my list is even larger than yours so I'm a little worried.

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Well, it worked just fine for me but not sure how cold it gets where you are, besides, summer is upon us. Let's just say the water level reaches just under the dial.

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I'm in Oklahoma where we can get down in the teens in the winter... but my house never goes below 60.

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According to Amazon these are the heights of the Cobalt Neos.

150 - 11"

100 - 9.8"

75 & 50 - 7.8"


Should I go for two 75s? They are only 1 dollar more than the 50s.

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Higher watt heaters will be more efficient, as they won't be turning on and off as much to keep temp at your level you desire.


My 100w cobalt heater is a bit tall, try going with two 50 Watters.
I have the 150 and it's sitting inside my 20 long, it just fits, barely.
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I believe tron is referring to the water level in the rear chamber's not being high enough to stand the heater vertically. I have the 100w neotherm in the middle chamber laying horizontally and kicked at an angle, the top corner sticks out about an inch.

I would also recommend the battery back up, summer is upon us and rolling blackouts are common here in cali. My power has went out about 7 times in the last week due to fires all over the county. Its not necessary but couldnt hurt helping protect your investment.

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Exactly, its all about water level, you COULD.... raise the water level via ATO sensors, then you would also have to raise the height of you PLS-50, and the whole idea is so that its sits flush to the rear and you can't see it, so the higher the level, the more you'll see the skimmer, make sense? I opted for a compromise...


It works! Its just that Id prefer to have my heater fully submerged, which at the moment, its not, having said that, I've unplugged it for the summer anyway, ill only need it for about 3-4 weeks in the coming winter....if you call 50-60 in florida winter...

Drama would the 7.8" 50 or 75 Watts fit in their okay without having to lay them down?

They say not to lay them down i thought... that was my concern... you could however find room in the first chamber, under the sponge, if thats the case...

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Tron thanks for the advice… I think for now I will start with one 75 watt and then in a few months grab another one before winter comes around again. I too want mine submerged, and since it's going in the living room I don't want that skimmer sticking up.

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I updated the list. Added a second heater that I will purchase closer to winter time (or if I think I need it sooner). And I changed to a digital refractometer. I also ditched the Cadlights reactor and will go with an IM Mini Max down the road.


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