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Replacing/Removing Red leds from my clusters?


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Ive read alot lately on people ditching red from their clusters. I Wouldnt mind replacing the reds I have for an extra few RB. Is there anything in the RED that isnt provided in the 4800 and 6500 white I have in the fixture?

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Unfortunately, 4800K and, especially 6500K, white LEDs have contain little red radiation and unsuitable as a replacement of red LED.

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Depends on what you are after. Red has growth benefits, especially for shallow water sps, but it's used more for color rendering than anything else. If you don't feel that the red is aiding you in the color rendering of certain corals or fish, then you can ditch them.


Are you not running them on their own channel? Putting them on a dimmable driver by themselves will allow you to fine tune the amount of red in the light.

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The Red was on a driver with my CB, and Cyans.


I could never turn them up without getting a overpowering look.

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