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Which Reactor? Cadlights or Innovative Marine?


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I'm thinking about buying the Cadlights 34 Mini II… but I'm curious about which media reactor is better.

Either the Cadlights NR-1 nano reactor, or the Innovative Marine Mini Max?


Does anyone have experience with either/both?

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Mike Savage

I have both but the NR1 is not wet yet. The mini max is a great design and it is easy to adjust and to change the media. I just wish it didn't rattle so much. Sometimes i twist it slightly and the noise stops. Sometimes i just stick a wooden toothpick between the inner and outer cylinders to stop the vibration.

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Well that sounds like a HUGE problem. I can't stand hearing little buzzings and rattles like that. I'll be really curious to see how much you like the NR1. I know I too like the simplicity of the mini max more.

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