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Is the IM Nuvo 8 only 5 gallons?


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Hey All,


I set up my Nuvo 8 a month ago, and if I'm getting my math right, it's only a 5 gallon tank.


I put in 2.5 kg of sand (0.5 gallons). Then I put in a 5 gallon bucket of water from the LFS and I still had 2L (0.5 gallon) left!


I knew that the actual water in the display tank would be significantly less because you lose space for sand, live rock, and the rear columns. But, what I'm suggesting is something different. I'm suggesting that the Nuvo 8 can only hold 5 gallons of water with nothing else in it when it should be able to hold 8 gallons at that point.


Has anyone else had a similar experiance?


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that sounds pretty close to what I recall at 90% water changes. I emptied the front display into a 5 gallon bucket, the back chamber was still filled. Might hold a gallon, very roughly estimated in the back

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8 gallon is the total volume of the tank, including sump and dividers.


As you never fully fill the sump (or well, I don't) and the dividers do take away a bit (in a tank that small), 5g sounds about right.

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Mike Savage

That sounds about right to me. My Cadlights 8 held an actual 6 gallons with just the pump installed and the water at the proper level. After I put in rock and sand it held right at 5 gallons. YMMV.

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